Popular Singer and Musician Kingtana’s latest song ‘Relajate Y Coopera’ has already been released

Popular Singer and Musician Kingtana's latest song 'Relajate Y Coopera' has already been released

Urban music singer Kingtana is ready with his latest song called ‘Relajate Y Coopera’.

Kingtana, the popular urban music specialist and musician has announced that his latest promotional song is ready for release. The theme is about the passion between two people and that forbidden feeling to be together despite the chemistry between them.

I am happy to present my latest promotional theme ‘Relájate Y Coopera’, says the popular singer and musician about his latest release. “The theme has been well-accepted on all leading digital platforms including Spotify and YouTube. My new promotional theme called ‘Cupido me mintió’ will be available from May 20.”

“Cupido me mintió” is about the spite of a man for not having reached the woman of his dreams. He was shot by a girl but later reality dawns on him that he made the wrong choice. Kingtana has revealed that the inspiration for this theme came from one of his real-life situations before he found true love. He says that many people believe they have found a partner for life but it turns out to be otherwise.

Both songs were recorded in the Quintana Records studios, by the music producer El Brujo Music.

Kingtana’s style of music has come as a revelation for music lovers. He is known as a promise of the urban gender and has a dedicated fan-following among those who love his kind and style of music.

Kingtana, an entrepreneur, began his musical career in March 2019 with the main theme A + De100. At that time, the theme was a boom on YouTube. He had a strong passion for music since his childhood days. However, certain events in life led him to become a businessman. He got involved in his family business for many years.

He noticed that his first son GregoryQ Music showed the same interest in music that he had in his childhood at the age of five. Kingtana decided to support his son and it also rekindled his passion for music. He decided to pursue his musical dreams and was keen to give people the magic of his music.

Kingtana is all set to launch his new songs and wants to continue to cater to the musical tastes of his followers. He plans to leave a legacy in music through each of his songs.

Among the first releases of Kingtana is the theme Barco de Papel. It was recorded with the artist Real Boy Nesty. Kingtana expects new collaborations in the coming months with artists from different countries in both Latin America and Europe.

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