Stronger Together – Denise P. Isaac’s Newly Released Poetry Book Brings Cultures Together

Cary, North Carolina, USA – Renowned author, activist and former pastor, Denise P. Isaac aka Ri’m Queen has now released her poetry book, Rhythms of Reality: Discover the Secret to Cultural Harmony. Denise’s latest book uses poetry as a tool for harmony and unity between people of all races, cultures, skin colors, ages and genders. It features thought-provoking and extremely heartfelt poems that Denise wrote over a period of time as she went through extraordinary experiences during her work as a pastor and as a civil rights activist. Her writing is imbued with an emotional resonance, which has been praised by fellow poets and readers alike.

Rhythms of Reality is a brilliantly timed book. Due to the current sociopolitical climate, with a pandemic to boot, people are more divided than ever and need to be reminded of the most visceral thing that they all have in common: their humanity. Denise’s poems are meant to evoke compassion and aim to remind people of the values that matter the most. Sharing anecdotes of her life’s journey along with other important lessons, her poetry transcends all barriers and touches every person no matter where they come from. Her universal approach to writing gives her poetry a cross-cultural relevance and makes it profound for every reader. While her poems have previously been featured in magazines and other publications, this is the first time she has compiled her work in a book.

Denise P. Isaac is a woman of many talents, ambitions and pursuits in life. As well as being a Temperament Counselor and a Registered Nurse, Denise became a Minister in 1980, further serving as a Pastor until 2006 when she passed the torch on to her daughter. As a great-grandmother, she works proactively to bring people together and create an environment of shared kindness within her community. With several notable degrees in Human Services and Christian Counseling, Denise is a devout follower of the faith, regularly devoting her time and effort in order spread the teachings of Christianity. Working as a Christian rights activist and a civil rights activist, the main motto behind everything she does is simple: unity and love among all.

Denise is also the founder and an apostle with All That Is God Youth Fellowship and All That Is God International Missions. Both the organizations aim to educate the youth to be kinder while also funding Christian related operations locally and internationally. She is also a songwriter who has performed rap music.

Denise P. Isaac is available for interviews.

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