aXess Point is combating COVID-19 in its signature style by enabling property managers and tenants to communicate seamlessly without paying a dime

Overcome the barriers and maintain social distance without compromising on the quality of communication!

Honolulu, USA – aXess Point is a technologically advanced but easy-to-use web application that serves as an effective communication channel between property managers and the tenants.It can be used as a Property Management Software cum Tenant Communication Tool. The platform enables managers to send real-time mass and group emergency communications to their residents via push notification on mobile phones as well as email.

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The destruction and unsettlement brought about by Coronavirus globally is a shock to humanity. In these testing times, it is only through empathy and compassion, two of the distinctive quality of human beings, that we all can survive this pandemic. aXess Point’s management has shown excellent leadership and taken a bold step to share the burden from those living in their community. In alignment with their mission, for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, they pledge to help every community have improved communication by using aXess Point Property Management App AT NO COST. In the words of their manager: “At aXess Point we are aware that many communities are overwhelmed during the COVID-19 pandemic. We empathize with everyone that has been impacted and we are acutely aware of how important effective communication is at this time. We know the important role this platform will play as we engage in social distancing to maintain a healthy and safe working and living environment for your residents. We want to make sure that it functions to serve your everyday needs.”

The aXess Point’s Tenant App is one of the best applications you can adopt in your work life to get relief from repetitive manual tasks. Apart from allowing you to send mass or segmented communications to your community in real-time, it also helps in scheduling amenities access with your community members. It also enables community members to view and pay balances in just a few seconds from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, Facilities management, Analytics Reporting, Bulletin Board, Tenants’ Requests, and Instant Messenger Chat are few of the many tools that come with the subscription.

If you are a property manager or a tenant who believes that the existing communication channels at your place now need a revamp, especially in the face of COVID-19, then you should definitely fill the form available on aXess Point’s website here:

The company’s representative will quickly solve your query and introduce you to the world of efficiency and quality communication. Wait no more and book an appointment today!

About the Company:

aXess Point is designed to save property managers time and money by automating manual tasks and improving communication between them and their residents/board members. The company has launched an amazing offer for Property managers during COVID-19 Pandemic where it is offering its software to them for free.

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