Conscious Moon Podcast is spreading spiritual enlightenment through topics like alternative healing, 5D consciousness and more

The current situation in the world has caused many people to feel lost, anxious, and rethinking their purpose in life. The quarantine situation amidst the Covid-19 crisis may leave an individual overwhelmed with their emotions which is why it becomes important to surround your mind with positive thoughts.  This can be achieved by reading, watching, and listening to any good stuff. Conscious Moon Podcast is one such source, that may allow the listener to get out of such emotional turmoil and see things from a higher perspective. This podcast is designed to bring spiritual enlightenment to the listeners through a variety of topics like alternative ways of healing, astrology, concepts of chakras, 5D consciousness, and more.

Conscious Moon Podcast helps the listeners inspire and guide through their life’s transformational experiences, by enabling them to learn about consciousness and spirituality based topics that strive to improve the overall well-being of mind, body, and soul. The podcast is created by Keyera, a person of color to build a community of people who are or wish to walk on the path to spirituality and enlightenment. She created this podcast after having multiple experiences with spiritual awakening. She always found herself curious to learn more about life’s true purpose, existence, and things that mainstream science won’t talk about.

Keyera frequently invites several guests on her podcasts, mostly experts in different fields of spirituality and alternative healing. Her podcast on Sound Healing features Dante Baker, a throat singing sound healer based in the DC area, and for her podcast on Astrology, she sits with renowned astrologer Shakirah Tabourn to talk about her entrepreneurial journey, transits in 2020 and working with the moon’s energy. In some of her other podcasts, Keyera discusses topics like root Chakra, and UFO, Vortex, and 5D Consciousness.

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