Geordie Keelan: Coronavirus Provides New Challenges and Opportunities for Fintech

Many countries around the world are hitting the 2 or 3, or even 12-week-mark of quarantine, and many are looking at just as many (or more) weeks of quarantine ahead. The virus has brought about a powerful shift in reality; in addition to the effects that the virus has had on our personal lives, companies in every industry are being forced to find new ways of operating on every level. 

In a way, the fintech industry has been presented with a kind of advantage–being a fairly new sector, fintech companies are already fairly well-positioned to adapt to a world that suddenly exists primarily online; most fintech platforms already exist in online formats anyhow.

Cropean Trade – World’s leading Artificial Intelligence CFD Trading fintech platform

Geordie Keelan is the mind behind Cropean Trade. As the successor of finance magnate Brian Keelan, the fore founder of CFD, Geordie is an experienced specialist constantly innovating and creating variants on the CFD instrument.

Combining the best practices from old with the new, Cropean Trade aims to rewrite its legacy by bringing CFDs to greater heights with technology.

Geordie believes that with Cropean’s unique and specialized understanding of trading methodologies and artificial intelligence software, Cropean Trade will be the flexible, powerful wealth generation platform in the world.


Indeed, Geordie Keelan, founder of Cropean Trade, told Finance Magnates that “fintech companies are probably some of the best-equipped organizations to take on this crisis.”

“If you’re a Fintech, you’re probably no more than ten years old and, as a result, have built your backend and developmental stacks on cloud environments allowing for operations to continue anywhere,” he said.

“Also, many business-to-business (b2b) communication tools that FinTech companies have naturally adopted and made available to employees such as Slack, Teams, Skype have been more heavily leveraged. Legacy financial brands are more than likely finding this time to be a bit more difficult.”

Traditional financial institutions have suddenly found themselves between a rock and a hard place. Fintech platforms–including payments services, challenger banks, and others–have increasingly posed a threat to these institutions. However, with the rise of the coronavirus, reports of banks being forced to temporarily shutter branches across the globe signify that the virus has undoubtedly affected business.

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