The #1 International Bestselling Guide, Healing from Within, Helps People Build Lifelong Wellness

The #1 International Bestselling Guide, Healing from Within, Helps People Build Lifelong Wellness
I believe our greatest wealth is our health which is why I’m excited to share my book Healing From Within. I believe this book will help readers improve their health and vitality as well as enjoy increased energy, enhanced mood, and overall wellness.

Dr. Keough, the International Best-Selling author, recently released her book: Healing From Within –  A Simple Guide to Lifelong Wellness. She created this book to support readers on their journey to improved health and vitality.  Dr. Keough shares: “The choices we make can empower our bodies to heal and it is especially important we look for ways to align our choices to empower our body to be healthy, balanced, and strong.  It is important that we do not live in fear but are instead empowered with our health and our bodies.  This book is designed to empower readers to discover how to live in a way that is supportive of health and healing.”

Her book became an International Best Seller within 35 hours of her launch. It achieved the best-seller status in multiple categories and countries.

Dr. Keough is passionate about helping women and their families make good choices to bring their bodies into powerful alignment and good health. She shares that she wrote Healing from Within to shed light on what it means to be truly healthy and help your body heal, no matter what your current state of health is. Our bodies want to heal if we just give them the chance.”

Her book helps give readers the information, insight, and research to help them bring their bodies into thriving health.  The tips, tools, and resources offered in her book are especially timely as we face the challenges of the Covid19 pandemic.

Dr. Keough believes we should still listen to our doctors, but the book explains why it is so important to question, research and formulate our own health opinions so we can be an advocate for ourselves and our families. There is so much misinformation about health and she believes her book will help readers navigate through the myths vs facts.

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