Pittsburgh Based Rapper and Producer HypeThaLandlord Releases First-Ever Album Titled ‘Eviction Notice’

The album includes hit tracks such as ‘All I know’ and ‘Get It Off’ promises to exceed expectations and take the Hip Hop world by storm.

29 Apr, 2020 – HypeThaLandlord recently announced the release of his first-ever album. All the songs in the album titled ‘Eviction Notice’, are produced by him.

After producing and releasing major hit singles down the years, the Trapboy Anthem-crooner continues his trend of providing a real variety of styles to listen to with the production of this album.

EVICTION NOTICE includes hit tracks ‘All I Know’, ‘Get It Off’, ‘Run It Up’, ‘Bag Chaser’, ‘Off Da Corner’, ‘Moonwalking In My Vans’, ‘Fed Up’, ‘Case Closed’, ‘Nowalata’, ‘Had To Get It’, ‘That Energy’, and ‘Wildlife’.

While HypeThaLandlord’s rap style comes out hard and raw, it is extremely catchy and you will find yourself singing the lyrics. The lyrics on this album expose the reality of life, hits on issues plaguing humanity, and talks about homies being looked at as outcasts by societal standards.

Eviction Notice is available on Spotify, iTunes and all other digital platforms.

Click: https://open.spotify.com/album/76YK6v7XMvYjH3DybYA3gS?si=WAngHyaZQEWUwOkjrjT0Y to download and enjoy!