Foundation Inspections Are Now Available in Austin

Foundation Inspections Are Now Available in Austin

It’s true that homeowners can have their home foundations inspected at no cost. These inspections are available right now for homeowners who are concerned with the cracks in their walls or cracks in the foundation of the home. Sometimes, the first thing that’s noticed is when a window doesn’t want to open or the door makes a loud noise and has to be forced shut. If a home is beginning to slide off its foundation, waiting to have it inspected is not going to help. Finding a good company that stands by its word and says it like it is, is exactly what’s needed.

When a Foundation Begins to Crack

Call CenTex Foundation Repair to come out and inspect the foundation and find out how it can be repaired, what they’ll need to do and how much it will cost. They won’t hedge around about something as important as the family home. If a foundation is cracking, they’ll also find out why it’s cracking and explain about the work they’ll do to shore up the home. Once a homeowner knows exactly what the problem is they’ll be able to deal with it much easier.

View the Website for More Information

Log onto and read about the warranty the company offers when they repair the foundation of their customer’s homes. The company offers pier and beam repair, along with their slab and foundation repair. They have clients who offer rave reviews from 20 locations around the cities of Austin and Waco. The website also introduces its new “customers to be” to the staff and owners of the company. The company also explains that its home inspections are free to homeowners in areas they service. For those outside the area or non-owners, they charge a fee.

Sinking Floors, Windows, and Doors 

One of the signs of the home sliding off its foundation is a sinking floor or a window or door that used to open easily and now it doesn’t want to open at all. No homeowner wants to put up with the home they’ve lived in for years or the biggest investment of their lives becoming dilapidated which is what will happen if it’s not repaired. Click on to contact a company that has been repairing the foundations of homes in the area for many years. 

Inspections for Non-Owners of Homes

Homebuyers feel safer getting their homes inspected before buying them so they don’t mind paying the fee. It’s much better to know if a structure is safe or if there are small cracks in the foundation before they buy the home. Other homeowners who are out of certain areas also don’t mind paying the fee since they can trust a company that tells the truth upfront.

“This is what we do at CenTex Foundation Repair. We say it how it is and do what we say so that every customer we have knows the truth upfront. This is how we work. Give us a call today.”

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