Continuing its tradition of launching useful products, Stay Safe Lab is all set to introduce an amazing tool that can save people’s lives

Use this device and play your role in flattening the curve and fighting against the deadly Coronavirus!

Kranj, Slovenia – Stay Safe Lab is a manufacturing company comprising a team of young engineers developing products for a better and safer tomorrow. Stay Safe Carabiner is the latest device that the company is planning to launch for a worldwide audiences to equip them with the right gadget that will enable them to keep their selves safe from the snares of COVID-19.

This multifunction carabiner will enable its users to carry out every day mundane tasks such as opening the doors, pressing elevator buttons, and, tapping the ATM keys et cetera, much safer and comfortable. As people are urged to maintain social distancing and prevent touching surfaces in public spaces, a tool like Stay Safe Carabiner is truly a game-changer. It is made up of 99% recyclable Copper. Copper is a naturally antimicrobial material, therefore is a perfect material for this product. The carabiner spring is made out of stainless steel.

The Copper door opener allows the owners to seamlessly open the door handles without touching them with their bare hands. While this device is pretty much useful, it does not guarantee that you will remain 100% safe from being infected. Therefore, it is advised that you wash this tool as frequently as you wash your hands to prevent anything bad from happening.

The carabiner can also be used as an Anti-Microbial Stylus. On the carabiner, 2 points can be used as a stylus. Which one to use depends upon the task that needs to be done for example pressing keypad buttons, elevator buttons, or using a touch screen.

Also, these days when most people are relying on online stores to obtain the essential products, it is vital that they adopt suitable measures before opening any parcel received. The Stay Safe Carabiner also works as an excellent box opener that will do your work along with keeping you safe.

The team behind this product is a highly dedicated one and aims to innovate so that people’s lives become easier. In the words of one of their team members: “We decided to design a product that will help you to stay safe. Around us, there are many viruses and will always be. Our multifunctional carabiner will enable you to do everyday tasks safely and easily. The Stay Safe carabiner can be used as a door opener, stylus, key carabiner, quick fixer, and a box opener.  Carabiner gives us quick access to all the functions. It can be clipped on your pants or purse. Because of the germ’s transmission, we do not recommend carrying it in your pocket.”

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About the Company:

Stay Safe Lab is a team of young engineers developing products for a better and safer tomorrow.

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