How ‘Real Estate Advantage’ Is Revolutionising Client Acquisition For Real Estate Brokers

How ‘Real Estate Advantage’ Is Revolutionising Client Acquisition For Real Estate Brokers

With a relentless focus on their clients results, RE Advantage and their CEO Dylan Codd are changing the marketing landscape using AI targeting to find in-market buyers and sellers for their clients and effortlessly qualify them through automated systems.

Dylan, who has been studying marketing and sales since he was 14 years old, has been on a rocket to the top of the real estate marketing industry for the past 11 months with his new venture – RE Advantage.

Coming from a background of running a general marketing firm for financial advisors, mortgage brokers, construction companies and real estate brokers, he’s now focusing solely on real estate to turn average brokers into top producers.

While initially launching his marketing business back in 2018, Dylan quickly realised the importance of sales and spent thousands of hours learning to master that too. Learning from mentors such as Jordan Belfort, Jeb Blount and the research of Robert Cialdini, Dylan mentioned that learning the art of sales has been crucial for his business and personal growth.

RE Advantage is a real estate marketing and lead generation firm that build marketing systems to generate pre-qualified and exclusive leads for their clients.

Using the power of today’s technology, RE Advantage has transformed the way prospecting is done in real estate and created a new breed of agent with a listing attraction system that automatically finds in-market buyers and sellers, gets in front of them with a ‘blue ocean’ irresistible offer that causes them to take action.

Their automated conversion system uses video, text, email and funnels to qualify these leads before his clients even speak to them.

With his dream team of marketing consultants and growing sales team, Dylan is relentlessly focused on taking himself and his clients to new levels of growth in 2020.

In today’s world, attention continues to shift more towards the digital plane and RE Advantage will use this to maximum advantage to ensure their clients stay on top.

Dylan says; “If any real estate agents, closing multiple transactions a month are reading, then go to our website and book a call right now, you have nothing to lose & everything to gain.”

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