Americans find their new emergency planning partner in Prepared Life Guide

Prepared Life Guide offers a comprehensive resource on emergency planning for various challenging situations and reviews of different kinds of premium survival products.

Rockville, Maryland – May 5, 2020 – Emergency situations can be debilitating, often leaving us baffled about the right course of action to survive the crisis. But, not anymore. A new website has recently launched with an A-Z of emergency survival information. Aptly titled “Prepared Life Guide”, this latest online resource shares expert posts on preventing and surviving emergency conditions so that people can be ready for whatever comes along.

The First-of-its-kind, Prepared Life Guide is a comprehensive emergency survival guide with a versatile range of emergency planning posts for almost all kinds of challenging situations. From general child safety guidelines for parents to earthquake survival guides- the website has it all.

“Life is unpredictable and can put us in any kind of emergency crisis at any moment. In such dire situations, the most important thing that can save us to wade through such challenges is a fool-proof emergency plan. We do understand we are usually unable to think straight when we suddenly find ourselves in an emergency. This is where our complete emergency planning resource Prepared Life Guide will come to your rescue”, stated Allen Rose, the man behind Prepared Life Guide. 

A dynamic Texan native, Rose himself has had experienced and survived various challenging situations, ranging from hot deserts to dense wooded forests. He and his team at PLG have been focused on learning how to be prepared for any situation in any environment and now aim to share their expert survival tips with the world through the new Prepared Life Guide website.

“Our site provides useful information for new and experienced emergency planners in a non-threatening manner. We are not doomsday predictors but have been through a number of emergency situations with weather, fire and man-made threats and have focused on being ready.” 

The PLG website houses two main sections- Survival Knowledge and Top-Rated Survival Gear. 

The section on Survival Knowledge shares posts bustling with information on how to prevent and withstand different emergency situations. In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic, PLG has come up with expert DIY tips on making sanitizer at home. Visitors will even find a detailed article on the major aspects of COVID-19, dotted with updates from WHO and CDC.

The site also shares emergency planning tips for surviving devastating natural disasters like flood or wildfire. Other posts cover multitude of topics including, survival in extreme weather conditions, survival swimming lessons for kids, survival medical supplies to have handy all the time and so on. From adults to kids, PLG has come up with emergency survival lessons for all.

“What separates PLG from other regular survival guides around is that we don’t focus on one particular niche or crisis. We offer emergency planning tips for almost all kinds of situations. As a PLG reader, you won’t have to check out multiple websites to find emergency checklist for different kinds of emergencies in your life. Whether there is a prediction of severe flood or you need expert tips to child-proof your home- you will get all kinds of emergency planning details on one single platform here”, added Rose.

The section on Top Rated Survival Gear highlights the best survival products in the market. Readers will find links of the products on the PLG posts only that will redirect them to the product pages on major retail sites. From camp chairs to water filters to survival batons, PLG offers links on all these various survival products and many more on its website.

“We are extremely particular about the products we recommend on our website. All the products we mention in our posts are used and verified by us. We only recommend those products that command highest of quality and are available on the most reliable retail sites.”

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