Entertainment Company ‘Trevi Pershay Productions’ Supports Minorities With Job Opportunities During COVID-19

New Jobs Help Reduce Growing Unemployment Numbers In New York City And Nationwide

Brooklyn, NY – Trevi Pershay Productions, a highly-sought-after production company whose mission is to produce inspirational productions for minorities through film, theater, publications, conferences, panel discussions, and the media, announces they are actively creating jobs and hiring minorities during the current COVID-19 crisis. By creating new positions during this time, Trevi Pershay Productions is directly helping New York City by reducing the growing unemployment numbers caused by COVID-19. Founder Trevi Pershay has already changed the lives of thousands of minorities with job security and charitable donations, and therefore, providing community support during COVID-19 is a natural development for the successful production company.

“I measure my success, not by the number of people who attend my productions, or the money I make, it’s by the number of people I am able to touch, motivate and inspire,” said Mrs. Pershay. “Having overcome adversity myself, I am proud to offer jobs for my community during these uncertain times to help them overcome their adversities too.”

Both the United States and New York City have recently suffered from an alarming growth in unemployment figures, which Trevi Pershay Productions is working to reduce. According to The New York State Department of Labor, preliminary unemployment rates for March 2020 in the New York City area increased from 3.4% to 4.4% since February 2020 (source). Furthermore, the NYS DOL reported that for the week ending April 25, 2020, initial claims for unemployment insurance in New York City increased over the past year by 1,543% (source).

Trevi Pershay Productions was founded and is run by African American entrepreneur and philanthropist Trevi Pershay out of her hometown of New York City. Along with offering job security for minorities over the years, Trevi Perhsay’s company works to raise awareness and provide resources to support mental health.

Those interested to apply for an open position with Trevi Pershay Productions can contact trevipershayproductions@gmail.com.

About Trevi Pershay

Mrs. Trevi Booker Pershay is a Writer, Director, Pastor, Motivational Speaker, and critically acclaimed author of her book, A Different Type of Church Girl. She is coined as the Female Tyler Perry and creative visionary of Trevi Pershay Productions. Based on her life’s journey, she inspires others to turn their past experiences into purpose. Trevi has several community-based programs to celebrate the uniqueness of being a successful serial entrepreneur, recognize the women in media, overcome traumatic experiences, excel beyond social issues, and more! With over 15 theater productions, Trevi Booker Pershay has impacted the lives of thousands.

About Trevi Pershay Productions

Trevi Pershay Productions is a highly-sought-after production company whose mission is to produce inspirational productions for minorities. Trevi Pershay production’s mission is to positively influence and shift the perspectives of men, women, teens, and children through film, theater, publications, conferences, panel discussions, and the media. 

For more information about Trevi Pershay and Trevi Pershay Productions, visit www.trevipershayproductions.com.

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