Testerheld.de Releases An Online Programme Amid The Health Crisis To Help People Generate An Income Online

Testerheld.de Releases An Online Programme Amid The Health Crisis To Help People Generate An Income Online
German-based Testerheld offers clients the opportunity to earn income working as an online product tester or participating in surveys.

Testerheld.de is pleased to announce the launch of their 2020 website, which details techniques and opportunities to earn income online. The website enables participants to earn an income online, even during times of crisis. 

They can test products with the firm, or fill out surveys in order to make some money. Paid online testers can start earning money right away. They can receive more than € 30right after registration. Payment is within 24 hours, either by Paypal or bank transfer.

Check more ways to earn an income here (German)

Registration is free. After registration, testers have access to all available tests and can begin earning money immediately. The tests come with simple step-by-step instructions from Testerheld.de. This makes it easy to complete the tests. Payment will be credited to the member account within 24 hours. The balance can be paid out to a bank account or PayPal. 

A spokesperson for the company explained, “Testerheld is suitable for you if you want to earn honest money from home through online testing; want to determine for yourself when, where and how many orders you accept; want to be paid for your work within a very short time and want to test cool new online products.” 

“A number of factors distinguish our company from other sites,” he continued, “our highly paid jobs allow you to earn € 10 within a few minutes. You will enjoy testing various new online products. Once your account has reached 30 Euros, you can be paid out.

Other companies are often rather boring, and their withdrawal limits are set at € 50. Other providers usually do not come from Europe and cannot be legally prosecuted. They have crowded platforms, so you have to be quick to get any orders at all. Users are forced to evaluate in order to be able to accept further orders, and support is not available.”

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