MORNSUN Introduces Innovative BCU Power Solution for Energy Storage System

With Multiple Power Features, BCU Provides Energy Storage Industry with Diverse and Up-To-Date Battery Management Solutions.

Guangdong, China – May 6, 2020 – Mornsun is a reliable and trusted name in the vertical power supply manufacturing worldwide. Power grids, today, need great reliability and safety of the power supply as the proportion of solar photovoltaic power generation systems in the power grid is constantly increasing. MORNSUN is seeking for modern and energy-efficient ways to upgrade the power products customarily, providing the diverse power solutions for the energy storage industry.

The DC/DC solution requirements for BCU (Battery series control unit) of the ESS (Energy Storage System) offers an ultra-wide input voltage range of 500-1500VDC that depends on the voltage of the battery racks with input reverse protection and high isolation voltage. Similarly, AC/DC solution requirements for BCU of the ESS provide high requirements for surge voltage input, PFC function, avoid harmonic interference and offers excellent EMC performance.

Mornsun offers perfect designs so BCU power design includes many components from Mornsun’s power solution line. With Mornsun’s wide selection in the 200W 300-1500VDC ultra-wide input voltage DC/DC converter PV200-29Bxx series and AC/DC enclosed switching power supply LMF150-20Bxx series, the design features redundant power supplies that provide excellent reliability for the entire energy system. The BCU power solution for energy storage system is so safe and reliable that it collects battery voltage, current signals and fuse status signals for system monitoring. It keeps communication with the battery Racks and the power conversion system through the CAN bus. When the battery fails, the contactor can be quickly controlled to cut off the battery line to ensure the safety of the whole system.

The BCU design requires a 500 to 1500VDC input voltage isolated DC/DC converter and Mornsun’s 200W PV200-29Bxx series is ideal for this application. This line of isolation converters features ultra-wide 300-1500VDC input voltage range, input reverse polarity protection. With a 285VDC under-voltage protection threshold, it keeps the power supply safe during battery discharge. Additionally, with double insulation and high isolation voltage of 4000VAC and a safe distance that meets CSA-C22.2 No.107.1 and EN62109certification, this converter ensures the insulation level of the whole system.

The innovative BCU power solution offers universal 85-264V AC or 120-373VDC input, accepts AC or DC input (dual-use of the same terminal) and can withstand 300VAC surge for 5s. Besides, the output ripple has little interference to the electrical equipment in the subsequent stage

Mornsun works to provide clients with comprehensive power electronic solutions for all energy needs. These include massive smart grids, battery management systems, combiner boxes, inverters, and grid monitoring units, as well as end-user applications such as EV/HEV charging stations. Mornsun’s line of power electronic products provides the efficient, reliable, power-dense solutions needed for all smart grid solutions.

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