JacksonWhite Law is a Criminal Lawyer in Mesa, AZ

JacksonWhite Law is a Criminal Lawyer in Mesa, AZ

Mesa, AZ – JacksonWhite Law is one of the leading law firms in the Mesa, AZ area. Boasting years of practice experience and a team of fierce defenders, JacksonWhite Law has been able to deliver the best legal representation to clients who have come into their law firm seeking help with criminal charges. Focusing on client satisfaction as well as defending their rights and interests, the attorneys at their law firm go above and beyond to work to deliver the best possible outcome in all cases.

Founded in 1983, JacksonWhite, P.C. offers a full range of services to assist individuals, families, and businesses with their legal needs. Since its inception, the Mesa firm has grown steadily to include 22 highly experienced attorneys and over 40 paralegals, legal assistants, and staff. At this size, the firm is large enough to offer the efficiency and technical expertise of larger firms, yet small enough to provide clients with individualized, personalized attention, with offices throughout the state of Arizona.

At JacksonWhite Law, their criminal defense attorneys understand the devastating effects of a criminal conviction and how it can affect all aspects of a client’s life. Operating with this understanding, clients that come into their law office are offered the personalized attention they need. Whether a client is under criminal investigation or has been arrested, the attorneys at JacksonWhite Law will offer legal consultation services aimed at uncovering the facts of the case at hand, while also educating clients on the severity of the criminal charges against them.

The criminal defense lawyer at JacksonWhite Law believes in walking clients through the steps to be taken in their case and this is why in addition to educating clients on the severity of their case, possible punishments and what to expect, their attorneys also inform clients of the criminal defense strategy to be adopted and how clients can play a role in not aggravating the charges that have already been leveled against them.

By working with a team of investigators and drawing on the law firm’s resources, their attorneys can gather all of the evidence needed to back up their client’s case while quashing the case before it is even filed, or seeking an outright dismissal of the case in court. 

Representing clients in all criminal law cases including DUI, clients can rest assured that the DUI lawyer will take all of the steps legally possible to ensure that their rights and interests remain protected.

“It is the mission of JacksonWhite Law to be responsive and dedicated to our clients, providing professional, high-quality, and cost-effective legal services. Every client is vitally important to us and we strive for excellence in the level of customer service we provide. Our clients are as diverse as the legal services we provide to them. Whether you are seeking legal counsel for your business or looking for solutions to personal legal issues, the experienced attorneys at JacksonWhite Law will provide you with the individualized, effective counsel you need and the customer service you desire,” said Jeremy Geigle, the spokesperson for the law firm, regarding their approach to handling cases and clients.

JacksonWhite Law takes on all common criminal defense cases including DUI, criminal speeding, possession of marijuana, possession of dangerous drugs, domestic violence, and other related criminal charges. The attorneys at their law firm also offer comprehensive legal representation in family law cases like divorce, divorce mediation, child support, and prenuptial agreements; personal injury cases like car accidents, motorcycle accidents, dog bite injuries, wrongful death and truck accidents; as well as employment law cases relating to overtime pay, sexual harassment, workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, and whistleblowing.

Clients who need an immigration attorney, estate planning attorney, and attorneys to help in probate, guardianship, and conservatorship, as well as eminent domain and condemnation, social security disability, and more, can reach out to their law firm.

JacksonWhite Law is located at 40 North Center Street Suite 200, Mesa, AZ 85201. For appointment scheduling, contact their team via phone at (480) 464-1111 or via email at firm@jacksonwhitelaw.com. For additional information regarding their services, visit their law firm’s website.

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