Based on the Famous R.L. Moore Problems, ‘First Year Calculus’ by Professor Clement E Falbo is Available from Amazon

May 11, 2020 Learning by doing is famous method, and is a great way to learn mathematics too. This Socratic or Texas method lies behind the Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) approach, and the basis of the new work by eminent mathematician, Clement E Falbo’s “First Year Calculus”.

Calculus today is a requisite, a sine qua non, for students of not only fundamental scientific fields such as physics or computer science, but also for professionals in areas such as law, psychology, nursing, medicine and physical therapy. Learning and mastering calculus, however, need not be a pain, and can turn out to be a most rewarding experience.

Clement Falbo was among the students of the famous Professor R. L. Moore, whose students would often say, “We own the Calculus”. Professor Moore taught at the University of Texas, and his calculus class was famous among the students. 

“First Year Calculus” is based on the notes that Professor Falbo took as a student. The method of explanation is based on the IBL technique, and the book also includes Dr. Moore’s seminal ‘problems that teach’, which will stimulate the reader’s creativity.

The book is intended primarily for teachers of calculus at the secondary and post-secondary schools who wish to adopt the IBL method, and secondarily for students who wish to self-study and master this important tool. The book includes complete and detailed solutions to help students verify their own work and solutions.

“First Year Calculus” exemplifies the famous saying of Paul Halmos, that the only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics. The IBL method has spread far and wide and used beyond Texas at regular classes, summer projects or workshops in several American colleges and universities.

First Year Calculus” is now available for purchase from Amazon.

About Clement E. Falbo

Clement E. Falbo is a Mathematics Professor Emeritus at Sonoma State University, where he taught for 35 years. Upon retirement in 1999, he along with his wife Jean Ann Falbo served in the U. S. Peace Corps in the African nation of Zimbabwe. Together they taught African high school students in mathematics and science. Dr. Falbo got his Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of Texas, Austin in 1963, and is the author of several mathematical articles and two other mathematical textbooks, Finite Mathematics Applied, and Math Odyssey 2000. He has three sons, six grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren.

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