SURU, An Apparel and Lifestyle Brand Inspired by Japanese Art, Now On Kickstarter

Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, SURU is on a mission to re-seed life, one item at a time.

SURU is a new eco-friendly line of bamboo t-shirts, hoodies, and lifestyle products. Selling directly to consumers, SURU apparel promotes the unique art and culture of Japan to an international audience. Each item in the collection features an intricate design from one of over 12,000 unique manhole covers dotting Japanese streets, known worldwide for their intricate art and style. Made with eco-friendly inks and organic bamboo, a plant whose use in clothing is the most environmentally friendly, consumers enjoy a comfortable and breathable fit with moisture-wicking and quick-drying functionality.  

Motivated by Patagonia’s founder Yvon Chiounard, and his inspirational book, “Let My People Surf,” Fraser Slind created the SURU brand to drive an ecological movement supported by clothing and lifestyle products. Committed to social and corporate responsibility, SURU stays true to its mission, aiming to donate 10 percent of net proceeds to regenerating rainforest ecosystems in Asia. As logging practices have decimated over 80 percent of Indonesia’s primary rainforests, and Japan remains the principal importer of Indonesian timber, SURU is helping to reverse the trend using the art and culture of Japan.

SURU apparel will be manufactured by a local silkscreen printer in Osaka, Japan. The SURU product line plans to expand to include bags, clocks, tumblers, mugs, and other goods. Funds from this campaign worldwide will be used to support SURU, including associated production and shipping costs. Expected to release in early June 2020, the Kickstarter campaign is located on the web at

Supporters around the world can back SURU by making generous pledges via Kickstarter. Pledges start at as little as ¥1,000. But for a pledge of ¥2,000 or more, unlock other rewards as a token of your support, including select SURU apparel and lifestyle products. Some rewards are limited, so do act fast. More information is available on the Kickstarter campaign page.


Fraser Slind created the SURU brand to motivate an ecological movement supported by clothing and lifestyle products manufactured with a commitment to social and corporate responsibility. A line of eco-friendly bamboo t-shirts, hoodies, and other products, SURU promotes the unique art and culture of Japan to an international audience to support re-seeding initiatives.

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