Willens Law Offices Is Offering A Free Consultation

Willens Law Offices Is Offering A Free Consultation
Willens Law Offices is a personal injury attorney that is offering a free consultation to people within the area of Chicago, IL. If anyone is involved in an injury case and they feel they should be compensated, they can discuss the case with this law firm for free.

Chicago, IL – Willens Law Offices is a Chicago personal injury attorney that focuses on all types of practice areas. This law firm is now offering a free consultation to anyone within the city of Chicago, IL that is interested.

Willens Law Offices is a law firm that is located within the city of Chicago, IL. If someone in this area is struggling with a personal injury due to the wrongdoing of someone else, they can contact this law firm to receive help. While this attorney focuses on different practice areas, anyone that lives within the area of Chicago, IL can contact them for assistance with their case they are dealing with for free. By being able to contact this Chicago personal injury lawyer for a free consultation, people have the opportunity to receive free help until they win their case. Along with the free consultation, this Injury lawyer Chicago has also shared that they do not charge any fees until a case is won, and if the case is never won then there is no fee to pay.

If someone is interested in receiving a free consultation, they can do so by first visiting the Willens Law Offices website. On their website, one will have many options to click on to navigate to the contact page where the free consultation form is located. Once on the free consultation, or contact, page, there will be a form to fill out at the bottom of the page. The type of information on the form that Willens Law Offices is asking for includes name, phone number, email, a subject line to write the general reason for the message, and then a message box to explain everything involving the case. 

On top of that, this company also shares three phone numbers that can be contacted for a free consultation if someone prefers that method over the form method. The three phone numbers that are included share the number to contact for three different office locations. For the Chicago Law Office, the phone number is (312) 957-4166.

About Us

Willens Law Offices is a law firm that is located in the city of Chicago, IL. They provide their services in 21 different practice areas, which is a good amount for an attorney. With all of these practice areas in mind, on top of the injury types and damages they focus on, anyone can see that they have the experience required for the service they provide. With decades of experience put into this company, they can help anyone with their personal injury case if they were affected at the fault of someone else in a situation. With a free consultation and no fee, until the case is won, anyone should feel free to contact them for help with their case in Chicago.

Media Contact
Company Name: Willens Law Offices
Contact Person: Matthew Willens
Email: Send Email
Phone: (312) 957-4166
Address:30 N LaSalle St #3450
City: Chicago
State: IL
Country: United States
Website: willenslaw.com