Integrity Audit Consultants Saves Clients Thousands In Care Costs With Professional Auditing and Adjustment Services

13 May, 2020 – USA – Integrity Audit Consultants is helping employers across the United States adjust medical invoices related to commercial illness and injury claims, including those under the Jones Act, Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, and other Self-Insured provisions. 

As medical care and health insurance costs skyrocket at an alarming rate, the team at Integrity Audit Consultants stands ready to help employers navigate complex coding systems that cost them millions in undetected billing errors, inflated charges, and unscrupulous billing practices. By having medical invoices adjusted by independent audit specialists, clients save thousands each month on cure costs, which streamlines the claims process and increases profitability.

With over 10 years of leading industry experience, Integrity Audit Consultants uses every tool available to pinpoint potential savings for clients. Reviewing invoices line-by-line according to each state’s UC&R (“Usual, Customary, and Reasonable”) fee schedule and prevailing federal reimbursement rates, the team at Integrity Audit Consultants scrutinizes each entry to identify inaccurate, duplicate, or unauthorized charges then negotiates directly with providers. 

Independently owned and operated since 2009, Integrity Audit Consultants has earned a stellar reputation for its efficiency and auditing expertise, which has consistently helped its clients save an average of 50 percent or more in monthly cure costs. Integrity Audit Consultants has worked with a variety of companies, including self-insured employers, independent adjusters, safety managers, third-party administrators, insurance underwriters, and attorneys. 

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