ADI Leak Detection, the Water Leak Detection Company in Buckinghamshire, UK Takes Steps to Meet Clients’ Needs During Pandemic

ADI Leak Detection, the Water Leak Detection Company in Buckinghamshire, UK Takes Steps to Meet Clients’ Needs During Pandemic

Buckinghamshire, UK – ADI Leak Detection is one of the leading leak detection companies in the United Kingdom. Boasting several years of experience and a team of experts, their company has been able to keep its clients 100% satisfied with the quality of services delivered. Focused on client satisfaction, even during the recent lockdown necessitated by the global spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic, ADI Leak Detection has announced its new plans and the changes made to better meet their client’s needs.

Making the announcement, the spokesperson for the company noted that the lockdown, which became necessary as a result of the global spread of the coronavirus, has necessitated changes that have been put in place to protect their company as well as its clients, while also helping to reduce the spread of the virus.

The spokesperson for the company added that their company and its team are performing risk assessment services on individual inquiries that come into their office, while also making sure that engineers who have to be on-site are given the right PPE to ensure their safety and the safety of clients who have called in for their services.

The spokesperson for the team at ADI Leak Detection further noted that in the face of the global spread of the pandemic, changes in the types of inquiries coming into their company have been evident, as more individuals are requesting the thorough and in-depth leak detection testing methods that were otherwise tricky to implement in commercial areas due to its busy nature.

The spokesperson for ADI Leak Detection added, “As you may already know, two of our most effective methods of leak detection include tracer gas testing and acoustic testing. We pump harmless tracer gases into the pipework and use gas sensors to detect where the gases rise up through the floor or ground. We also use sensitive microphones to pick up the sound of the gas escaping. These methods, while extremely accurate and reliable, are sometimes tricky to implement on busy commercial sites such as schools, offices, or even hospitals because of its busy nature. During the pandemic, we have managed to locate leaks on several commercial sites including one we did recently for Network Rail at Apsley Train Station.”

With the success encountered detecting leaks in commercial areas where effective testing was almost impossible to achieve, ADI Leak Detection will remain committed to attending to the needs of clients who contact their team while screening the essential inquiries for prompt action.

Property owners interested in getting their leak detection needs taken care of can contact the team at ADI Leak Detection at 44 Wellesbourne Crescent, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire HP13 5HF, GB, or via phone at 0800 731 3843 for enquiries. For additional information, send an email to or visit their company’s website.

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