Air Filtration System Service in Idaho Air partnered up with Aerus Enterprise Solutions to promote their unique house air filtration system – “Air Scrubber”

Air Filtration System Service in Idaho Air partnered up with Aerus Enterprise Solutions to promote their unique house air filtration system - "Air Scrubber"
Idaho-based HVAC Company, Shanco Heating & Air, announces their partnership with Aerus to promote their Certified Space Technology air filtration system designed to remove and destroy 99% of contaminants for 24/7.

Shanco Heating & Air has again taken a giant stride towards reiterating their goal of improving the lives of the people of Idaho through innovative solutions with the launch of a new house air filtration system. Tagged “Air Scrubber,” the new house air filtration system is coming at the best possible time, helping to reduce the risk of contracting several diseases, including the dreaded COVID-19 by reportedly removing and destroying 99% of all surface and airborne contaminants.

Air Scrubber has become increasingly popular in recent times as portable filtration system that remove particles, stale odor, and other contaminants from the air within a given area. Air scrubbers draw air in from the surrounding environment, subsequently passing it through a series of filters to remove contaminants. Air scrubbers are often used on restoration jobs due to the presence of airborne pollutants, providing a clean and healthy environment, and ultimately protecting the health of workers and occupants of the building. 

The emergence of the COVID-19 has also raised the question of how effective air filtration systems can be in preventing the virus. Shanco Heating and Air are, however, looking to help persons looking for an effective air filtration system in Idaho by introducing Aerus Air Scrubber and a COVID-19 price slash.

The product is currently sold for $995 during the Covid-19 time, as against the original price of $1,195. 

Why Aerus Air Scrubber?

Unlike conventional products, Aerus Air Scrubber uses ActivePure® Technology that consists of a special UV light and photocatalyst target that scientifically proven to reduce dust, eliminate visible smoke in the air, musty odor, and harmful contaminants in the air and on all surfaces. 

Aerus Air Scrubber is the only air scrubber with NASA Certified Space Technology that works to purifies the air and reduces particles that can irritate allergies and asthma for 24/7. With its simple design, huge coverage area up to 2,000 sq. ft. and easy to clean, it can be installed easily on HVAC systems with accessible ducts for residential and commercial use.

For more information about Aerus air scrubber, research details, and customer testimonials, visit their website,

About Aerus Enterprise Solutions

As part of Aerus Holdings, a 90+ year-old company that with over $300M annual sales, Aerus has proved itself as the global leader in healthy home products. Combined with a 450,000 sq.ft R&D and manufacturing facility, the Aerus talented team are committed to creating success for others and expanded to over 30 countries.

About Shanco Heating & Air

Shanco Heating and Air is an HVAC company that strives to improve the lives of people of the community through competent, honest services. Hiring dependable professionals and using the best products on the market, the company has developed a reputation for consistently providing quality work with long-term results and a money-back guarantee. 

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