Hollywood’s Award-winning instrumentalist and score composer, Steven Vitali to contribute 100% of the royalties earned from each digital download from his new HIT song to combat the COVID-19 pandemic

Download the soothing instrumental song now and play your part in providing relief to the globe from the deadly virus!

Los Angeles, CA, USA – Steven Vitali is a renowned and meritorious Hollywood composer, arranger, producer, actor, and director who has decided to gift the world from his artistic talent a wonderful piece of instrumental music titled ‘COVID-19 Call To Prayer God’s Army’. His new song is dedicated to the front-line soldiers who are consumed in combating the Coronavirus and are created to instill hope in the hearts of the listeners regardless of their nationality, race, and language.

YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrzAAo1syGU

Steven Vitali is no stranger to helping causes and people. In December 2019, Steven was made the Ambassador for Teen Cancer America and has since raised thousands of dollars for this charity. His spirit of making difference in the lives of people in whatever capacity possible pushed him to produce this beautiful music whilst staying indoors with the help of his wife Grace Vitali, to keep the faith and hope invigorated in the hearts of the people amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vitali’s new single is dedicated by Steven to what he is calling, “Our Unsung Heroes.” Those unsung heroes are the doctors, the nurses, and all health care professionals along with scientists, our police, firefighters, cargo pilots bringing food, the military, and politicians who are risking their lives to help save ours, says Vitali. Steven continues… “Our healthcare professionals deserve to be recognized as they are on the frontlines combating this virus to save our lives while risking their own.”

People around the world have praised Steven for his wonderful musical prayer that has crossed the barriers of language and united people as a human race to fight this disaster together. The song is filled with vigorous and vital emotions that are dazzling and distinct that delivers a sense of hope. Vitali’s arrangements in this song are bountiful and brilliant, beneficial, and beaming.

Steven Vitali believes in the power of miracles and therefore, has designed this soothing music to touch the souls of listeners across the globe and also ease the financial burden from the victims. With a firm conviction of doing something big and heroic during these crises, he along with his wife, who has beautifully played the lead role in the video, developed this beautiful piece of art. He has pledged to donate 100% of proceedings from Royalties from each digital download from this music to support the Covid-19 victims and related expenditures. This instrumental is to be heard all over the world and as soon as possible, to encourage goodwill and mental health!

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Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/19zQs2dae1aXryZoPGZLyk?highlight=spotify%3Atrack%3A5ffkE8XU4sCRuPtOC1Vg1i&fbclid=IwAR0sdkLq7I4WBiX5cjK1WBGFyxCExH6QeJ4fQzDemsbE0eCWB6EaREpQklM

iTunes: https://music.apple.com/us/album/covid-19-call-to-prayer-gods-army-single/1504190103?fbclid=IwAR08mc8ColPxyZKE_v3PTuvyiyBGhRLETlHgQI7PJKpZ1vBI7Hted5ZcDDM

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Steven Vitali is a celebrated Hollywood composer, arranger, producer, actor, and director who has released a new music video to impart positivity amid Coronavirus crises.

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