Speed trainer’s new book shares proven tactics to improve sprinting ability and potentially attain athletic scholarships

“Speed Creates Opportunity” is the how-to guide on the time-tested strategies that help to increase sprinting speed. The book also offers a guide map on grabbing athletic scholarships.

El Paso, Texas – May 14, 2020 – News for teen athletes aspiring to improve performance on the field and attain athletic scholarships from colleges. Certified speed trainer Eric L. Birdsong is soon to release his new book, which will bring to light the proven strategies to enhance sprinting speed and pave the way for athletic scholarships. Aptly titled “Speed Creates Opportunity,” the book is bustling with those very time-tested strategies that the author himself taught his son to peak his performance, which eventually helped him achieve multiple scholarships offers. 

“Speed Creates Opportunity” is scheduled to be released in early July. The book is not just for track & field athletes but is beneficial to all other athletes out there who are aspiring to improve their speed.

“It’s a great moment for me to announce the upcoming release of my new book ‘Speed Creates Opportunity’ in a couple of months from now. Packed with time-tested scientifically proven techniques, my book will show athletes how to sprint faster, improve overall performance, and make their presence felt before coaches and selectors. It’s bustling with the same workout routines I have used to help my son become one of the top high school sprinters in Texas and grab multiple scholarships. I bring to you a potential game-changer which will make you a better athlete, leverage chances of earning athletic scholarships, and offer you better exposure before the sports world”, stated the author.

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A U.S. Army veteran, Mr. Birdsong, got into speed training after a futile search of the right trainer for his son Demaijah. The dad-son duo tried several trainers, but the results were not very promising most of the time.  It inspired the doting dad to take it upon himself to learn how to get his son faster and stronger so that he can secure a place in college athletics. In the process, Birdsong signed up for different speed training courses, read hundreds of books in physics, and spent months learning the anatomy of the body. He also studied elite athletes and tried to implement the scientifically proven things they do to improve their speed. His holistic teaching approach not only enabled his son to become better at his sport but also helped him achieve multiple scholarship offers.

Added to proven techniques to run faster, “Speed Creates Opportunity” presents various workout examples that can be easily modified as per a reader’s age and experience level. Not just that, the book offers a guide map on how to find information on an athletic scholarship from university websites without calling or sending emails to the college coach. In fact, readers will also find examples of emails sent by Eric himself when reaching out to college coaches for his son. Besides, the book stresses the importance of grades and even sheds light on the proper decorum to approach college coaches via Twitter.

“My book is like a wholesome guide for athletes to heighten their performance and create the potential for athletic scholarships. Thus, added to proven strategies to increase speed, my book also teaches young aspiring athletes to maintain a positive image on social media to create a strong impression before coaches and recruiters.”

For more, please contact him on Twitter or via email: ericbirdsong@mail.com or visit Theericbirdsong.com

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