Suzan Mutesi Announces Release of Her New Book, Unapologetically Black: Afro Sisters

Suzan Mutesi Announces Release of Her New Book, Unapologetically Black: Afro Sisters

What does it really take to grow up black in a predominantly white western culture? It starts with accepting who you are and taking authority over all the negative voices that says you will never be good enough. In her new book, “Unapologetically Black: Afro Sisters,” renowned author, actress and model, Suzan Mutesi inspires readers with the story of Tabitha, a young black girl who is faced with so many challenges as she grows up in a culture far different from her background.

Suzan’s new book is a candid and intimate narrative of the struggles young girls of color live through in western culture. From issues of love, boys and friendship down to the challenges of hair and makeup, Tabitha’s story tells it all. The book also reveals the key to truly flourishing for any young woman is accepting who you are and knowing that only you have the power to create your own reality, no matter what.

If you have been searching for an inspirational series for young women, then Unapologetically Black by Suzan Mutesi is the perfect book for you!

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About Suzan Mutesi

Suzan Mutesi (born Suzan Faith Mutesi Mufumbiro, June 21, 1986) is a Ugandan-Australian actress, model and fashion designer. She has an upcoming feature movie and also acted in Moon Rock on Monday. Now she has written a book about her younger self, she wants humanity to consider how they spur one another on towards love and good deeds. Growing up she let her thoughts and other’s negative voices to affect her confidence. In fear of rejection, she hid away her quirks and beauty spots. She did not feel good enough, worthy to be accepted or to even belong. So she wrote this book to other young kids to encourage them to be unapologetically themselves.

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