Nothing Improves a Property Faster, Easier or More Affordably than a Fresh Coat of Paint

Paint Rejuvenates Properties Quickly and Affordably and Cleaning Improves These Even More.

Paint is obviously a great choice to quickly and efficiently make a property look fresher and more appealing.  It also is the most affordable option for either residential or commercial properties that are seeking to increase their value.  Inside and outside painting is a great investment overall, especially when seeking to increase value.  It also makes a property owner appreciate and enjoy the property more, as “eye appeal” leads to enjoyment. 

Painting and paint colors also follow trends and keeping a property trendy increases value too. 

Splash & Shine in Toronto, is a painting company that understands this, and offers all combinations of colors of paint, as well as methods of applications.  Trims and other little touches can make a big difference and consultants at this company make sure to stay abreast of all the color trends and styles. Combination of colors matter too, and there are color palettes that work well with each other and some that do not.  Painting companies in Toronto must take all this into consideration.

Choice of color palette is up to the individual of course.

Some individuals will choose a monochromatic look rather than a more complex palette. Monochromatic choices can be more than one color as well but usually not as many as in a full palette choice.  Both choices should tie into the overall look and feel of a property and many experts suggest by starting with the color and style of flooring to tie in the chosen look most closely. 

It is important to be happy with the choice of colors but also important to look to the future. 

Whether indoor or outdoor, commercial or residential, the wrong choice of color can make any future sales harder to obtain.  Colour is unique to every person’s personal “taste” and trying to choose a great color that will be on trend for years to come does mainly depend on using an expert painting company in Toronto.  Any service should have a vast array of colors and schemes to choose from and be able to provide a free consultation with a painting specialist. Too many mistakes occur in choice of colors and applications without expert guidance in painting.  Everything from using the wrong brush, to the wrong choice of color can occur.  Even simple things like leaving the top off a paint can will cause problems.

Paint can look lighter or darker when using swatches in stores as guides. 

A good method to use is to buy several colors and try these out at the property if you are going to try and paint on your own.  However, this can be expensive as even sample cans must be purchased, and then taken home and painted on a surface and viewed later to establish how they will really look when dried thoroughly.   The best method of successful painting is to hire a painting company in Toronto like Splash & Shine.  This leads to a lot less headache and wasted money. 

About Splash & Shine:

Splash & Shine is a painting company based in Toronto and prides itself on its knowledge of painting and customer service.  They offer a huge variety of colors and techniques, and a free consultation.  Clients can access their services via an online form, email, or phone.  All estimates and consultations are free.  They also offer floor, window, carpet cleaning and disinfection services along with the painting services.  All work is quick and affordable. 

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