Introducing The Goldfinch Jacket: The Anxiety Management Tool

The Anxiety Management Tool

PHILADELPHIA, PA – May 15, 2020 – Goldfinch Anxiolytics is announcing the Indiegogo launch of their first in a range of self-care products for anxious people: The Goldfinch Jacket. The Goldfinch Jacket is the first discreet, stylish wearable anxiety management tool designed to help college students.

Anxiety is a prevalent mental health issue that impacts 1 in 8 people (over 875 million people worldwide). Among college students, the problem is even worse: 1 in 2 college students feel like anxiety is interfering with their quality of life. To address this urgent need, the Goldfinch Team interviewed hundreds of college students across the USA about their anxiety. After 2 years of research and design, we’re ready to launch a tool that we’ve designed specifically to fill anxious college students’ needs.

The Goldfinch Jacket is a cozy, oversized black fleece bomber jacket with a yellow lining. Its design incorporates three scientifically-backed anxiolytic methods: touch comfort (soft, fuzzy fleece), discreet fidgeting (huge, foot-deep pockets), and deep touch pressure (a weighted inner vest). Together, these features make the Goldfinch Jacket the ideal tool for anxious students to add to their coping arsenal. It’s easy to use, portable, discreet, and comforting – and as a bonus, its fabrics are sweat-wicking, odor-resistant, and weatherproof, making it the perfect multifunctional addition to any student’s closet. Best of all, we know from our research that many college students are self-conscious about their anxiety, so we designed the Goldfinch Jacket for ultimate discretion: none of its anxiolytic features are obvious to outside viewers.

This past Tuesday, May 12, we launched a crowdfunding campaign to help us bring our jacket into production. Pre-orders of the Goldfinch Jacket and a few early-release Early Bird Prototypes are now available exclusively on our Indiegogo campaign page (

We’re asking our audience to support us by visiting our campaign page, backing our reward tiers, sharing our campaign with others, and joining our self-care community by following us on Instagram @goldfinchofficial

For more information on the Goldfinch Jacket and Goldfinch Anxiolytics, please see the FAQ section on our Indiegogo campaign page

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