UV Sanitizing Light Company, Sanitizr™, Launches the Most Powerful Consumer-Grade UV Sanitizing Wand

UV Sanitizing Light Company, Sanitizr™, Launches the Most Powerful Consumer-Grade UV Sanitizing Wand

“Sanitizr™ V3 is the latest product from Sanitizr. The device features UVC LED diodes in the 260nm wavelength.”
Sanitizr™, the leading UV sanitizing wand manufacturer in the USA, launches Sanitizr™ V3, a powerful UV sanitizing wand.

Sanitizr™, the leading producer of UV-C sanitizing wands, has launched their most powerful consumer-grade product to date: Sanitizr V3. 

This UV-C wand features 24 LED diodes that output UV-C light at 260nm. The device is useful for destroying germs, bacteria, and viruses like SARS and MERS. The National Institutes of Health are using Sanitizr brand UV-C wands in their labs at the NDDK. 

“We were seeing a large gap in the market for a consumer-grade UV-C wand. Once the NIH picked up our products, we knew that we needed to invest in more R&D, so that we could meet the market demand for a mid-level UV-C sanitizing device,” said Bill Parsons, the company’s VP of Sales. 

Sanitizr V3 has an MSRP of $139.99, but the device is currently on sale for $109.99. Plus, the company is offering other incentives such as a 20% off coupon for every visitor to the website. 

The brand Sanitizr was launched in early 2020, just before the coronavirus pandemic started sweeping the globe. “We had been working on a UV-C sanitizing light product before the pandemic, but once things started heating up, we knew we needed to ramp up production to get as many of these devices into as many homes and businesses as possible,” said Parsons. 

The company has had some problems keeping devices in stock, but they rely on long-term relationship with manufacturing facilities to keep the production flowing. The company has only had one unit go out of stock and one unit was removed from their website due to receiving complaints about the size of the device. 

“In the beginning, we were selling our Sanitizr Classic model for around $100. However, the device was only about 9″ tall and customers were complaining that it didn’t feel substantial enough for the money. We listened to the market and released an upgraded version of the product called the Sanitizr Classic 2.0,” said Parsons. 

The company has reported record sales and is not showing any signs of slowing down. They are constantly doing research and improving their product line up.

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About Sanitizr™

Sanitizr™ is the premier UV-C sanitizing light company in the USA. With facilities in Chicago, Tulsa, and Shenzhen, the company has the ability to quickly meet market demands for UV-C lighting products and fulfill large orders.

For more information, please visit uvsanitizinglight.com.

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