ThucviLand will conduct the distribution of Empire City – a very interesting real estate project in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

ThucviLand will conduct the distribution of Empire City - a very interesting real estate project in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Empire City is a complex that gives Saigon residents the best living, working and leisure environment.

Empire City is a masterpiece with the highest-class design in Saigon. The most notably is the Empire 88 Tower with 88 floors as a garden of heaven in the air.

The Empire City project is developed along the Mai Chi Tho street and the Saigon River, possessing a golden location in the center of Thu Thiem New Urban Area, a functional subdivision with a focus on building a multifunctional complex with high density construction. It is expected that Empire City will become a “core” area that develops more rapidly than the rest with the most comprehensive and modern infrastructure.

Perhaps the culmination in design of the Empire City Thu Thiem project is the Tower Empire 88 – the soul of the project. Understanding the special symbolic value of this tower, designers put all their enthusiasm into it. The tower will have a garden in the middle of the air with soft cross-curves, vegetation, small landscape arranged intertwined mainly with tropical plants, which create a modern living space but still in harmony with nature.

All the blocks are designed in the order from low to high. The lower blocks are located in the riverside area, the deeper inside the height increases. The tallest tower is Empire 88 with a height of 333m. The high-rise towers are surrounded by LowE tempered glass system with good load capacity, limiting heat transfer and UV protection.

According to the announcement from the investor, the interior of Empire City is mainly natural wood, harmonious colors, using modern European-style decorative lighting system. Each building is equipped with a power generator, water treatment machine, water heater using natural energy, air conditioning system to ensure the needs of residents in every moment, in every situation.

Smart alarm system is installed throughout the project area with a large escape system, large capacity. The system will issue a warning signal when there is a fire, so that residents can promptly handle.

Empire City landscape is also focused, ensuring that the finished product is the same as the original perspective. Each plant variety, each flowerpot, every row of relaxing seats are considered to ensure harmony and sophistication.

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ThucviLand is a real estate distribution unit in Vietnam, though it has just appeared for a short time but has resonated greatly and achieved many successes. The real estate products distributed at ThucviLand are diverse including: apartments, villas, shophouse, townhouse, land plots… etc. ThucviLand expects to become the leading real estate distribution unit in Vietnam.

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