FF Faceoff Organizes 16-Hour Mental Health Podathon to Raise Fund For Mental Health Awareness

FF Faceoff Organizes 16-Hour Mental Health Podathon to Raise Fund For Mental Health Awareness

FF Faceoff is an organization that is popularly known as a fantasy football podcast that provides NFL/fantasy news, update, statistics, analysis, etc. However, this time around, FF Faceoff is partnering with Atlanta Falcons tight end Hayden Hurst Foundation to organize a 16-hour extravaganza of mental health podathon. To successfully do that, FF Faceoff is not only teaming up with Atlanta Falcons tight end Hayden Hurst Foundation to sensitize people about mental health but also to raise funds for mental health awareness. In addition, at the FF Faceoff fundraising event, there will be different guests from every major network, including ESPN, NFL Network, CBS and many more. Moreso, notable player(s) will participate in the event.

As the FF Faceoff Mental Health podathon will primarily feature mental health awareness, the podcast will also be dotted with NFL/fantasy football analysis, updates, news, statistical performance of players and their perceived contribution on the field of play. However, to make this best experience for every participant, FF Faceoff includes live coverage of the whole event. This means at the FF Faceoff mental health podathon, fantasy will meet reality as every detail will be analyzed and fully covered.

Furthermore, FF Faceoff announces that this mental health podathon will take place on July 11, 2020. The whole event will span between 7am to 11pm, making 16 hours of uninterrupted mental health podcast. As FF Faceoff partners with Hayden Hurst Foundation to hold the podcast, many notable guests in the world of professional sport and broadcasting are signifying their interest to grace the occasion. Currently, there is a tentative guest list of seasoned sports broadcasters that are expected from notable broadcasting channels.

The following guest list is subject to change:

  • ESPN: Matthew Berry, Stephania Bell,
  • NFL Network – Marcus Grant, Adam Rank, Coleen Wolfe, Michael Fabiano
  • FantasyPoints.com – Graham Barfield
  • Fade The Noise – Brad Evans, Eliot Crist
  • CBS Sports – Chris Towers, Dave Richard, Heath Cummings
  • Yahoo Sports – Matt Harmon, Liz Loza
  • NFL Players – Hayden Hurst, Derrius Guice
  • Fantasy Footballers – Mike Wright

Though there is an obvious connection between FF Faceoff, Atlanta Falcons tight end Hayden Hurst Foundation, FF Faceoff believes this is the right time to put the connection into good use by helping many people enjoy uninterrupted 16-hour extravaganza and learn about mental health.

To learn more about the event, one can call or send mail to Anthony Cervino or follow FF Faceoff on twitter.

As FF Faceoff offers people the opportunity to participate in uninterrupted 16-hour extravaganza of serious discussion on mental health issues and, at the same time, interact with their favorite guests, participants will also have chances to raise fund for mental health awareness.

Where to watch:

YouTube: youtube.com/thefffaceoff‬ ‪

Periscope: ‪pscp.tv/therealNFLguru‬

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