Top Private Investigator and BBB Director Helps Consumers Deal With Fraudulent Charges During COVID-19

Top Private Investigator and BBB Director Helps Consumers Deal With Fraudulent Charges During COVID-19

“Andy Kay of Kay & Associates Investigations of Los Angeles, Calif.”

Identity theft and fraudulent credit card charges are a common crime.  The advent of easy credit and ever-increasing technology has made it much easier for criminals to steal identities or credit card information.

Credit card fraud can happen at any time.  More than a fair number of unscrupulous businesses are guilty of overcharging customers for goods and services.

The process is highly detailed and technical in scope and nature.  Business credit cards, used by employees as a part of daily business interaction, are the most common target.  Thieves obtain the card information and create a false business front.  Criminals then use this business front to siphon money from the credit and debit cards.

“Common targets include businesses that exist solely online.  Companies such as Google and Yelp are commonly targeted.  Since it is a business account, rarely are such charges disputed because they are not noticed,” said Andy Kay of Kay & Associates Investigations of Los Angeles, Calif.

The pandemic has obviously not helped matters with fraudulent charges.  The number of online purchases is on the rise, and with this, there is a definite upswing in the amount of credit card fraud.  The amounts of money taken from the individual may be seemingly insignificant, but compounded over several customers, the amounts become quite significant.

Steve McFarland of the BBB, Better Business Bureau, notes how these charges are hard to catch.  “Most of the time it is things like shipping charges and fine print buried in contract agreements people neglect to read.  It can be very difficult to notice,” said McFarland.

The interview of Kay and McFarland posted on the investigations website continues on how consumers can notice, report and protect themselves from fraudulent charges on their or business credit cards.  A good portion of it is to pay careful attention to invoices and charges, and the other is to use the old adage of “Too good to be true.”

Kay and Associates Investigations is a full-service detective and investigations agency, helping people and businesses protect themselves from criminal and unlawful activities. 

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