Thucviland will conduct the distribution of Masterise Marina Central apartment – a real estate project about to be launched in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Thucviland will conduct the distribution of Masterise Marina Central apartment - a real estate project about to be launched in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Masterise Marina Central is a high-class apartment project with a scale of up to 6ha including 10 buildings, expected to provide 7000 apartments with a diverse area.

Masterise Marina Central is developed in a very favorable position in the East of Saigon – located in District 9, Ho Chi Minh City. With this perfect location, residents of the project can move smoothly to nearby areas quickly and easily through inter-regional traffic routes. In addition, the project inherits the existing internal and external utility system within a short radius.

Masterise Marina Central offers a wide range of utilities to meet the needs of residents from basic to advanced. The project provides smart apartment utilities like automatic apartment control via a smart application on mobile devices such as: pulling curtains, checking temperature, turning on and off the TV … There are also Smart parking helps you save time and smart cards – the perfect combination of resident cards, bank cards, shopping and other service cards, and to ensure security absolutely for residents. Additionally, Masterise Marina Central also has qualified green utilities with Grand Forest: Inspired by the Grand By The Bay garden in Singapore, Light Park – the largest riverside park in Southeast Asia. There are many small utilities in the park.

To meet the basic needs of the residents, Masterise Marina Central also offers utilities including: Education system with Vinschool, possessing a passionate team of teachers; Medical system with Vinmec hospital of international standard with a team of highly skilled doctors & modern medical equipment and facilities; Vincom Plaza shopping center: Provides outstanding facilities such as places to eat, play, shop, with a variety of products and services from reputable domestic and foreign brands.

Masterise Marina Central is a model project of urban construction, green and clean life. This is not only a house but also a real home for the whole family. A relaxed, sophisticated living space and above all, it is a place to keep the happy moments of the whole family. With the desire to bring a better life to the people, Masterise Group has brought Masterise Marina Central apartments – luxury apartments with reasonable and affordable prices, full facilities and good quality.

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