Horst Shewmaker, Experienced Alpharetta, GA Truck Accident Attorneys Represent Victims Of Commercial Vehicles & Tractor Trailers

Horst Shewmaker, Experienced Alpharetta, GA Truck Accident Attorneys Represent Victims Of Commercial Vehicles & Tractor Trailers
Horst Shewmaker is a law firm committed to fighting for favorable results for its clients. A trusted personal injury law firm, it has helped victims of truck accidents get justice and fair compensation.

According to announcements released by Horst Shewmaker, the law firm represents victims of truck accidents in Alpharetta and all of Georgia. It is committed to providing transparent service and to obtain the most favorable judgments for its clients. It files all the required insurance claims at the very beginning of an injury case. Clients facing liquidity issues are assisted in obtaining a loan. 

Horst Shewmaker helps clients obtain medical treatment with no upfront expenses. Wherever applicable, the firm retains experts to prove accident claims and establish the loss of wages, disability, and more are a direct fallout of a truck accident. It tries to get the maximum possible compensation for its clients. 

Experienced personal injury attorneys at the firm know how attorneys hired by trucking companies operate. Big businesses try to prevent or delay full and fair compensation for truck and tractor-trailer accident victims. Therefore, truck accident victims must be represented by law firms with a proven track record in obtaining favorable results for their clients in such cases.

Sources reveal Horst Shewmaker knows the importance of accessing preserved truck accident evidence. Trucking cases can result in lawsuits which may drag on unless the injured party can access essential evidence. Only astute and aggressive lawyers can get this information from the defense because they know how the evidence is preserved. Evidence about a truck accident can be found in the driver logs, the electronic control module, a visual inspection of the vehicles, and the accident site.

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Michael Horst, managing partner of Horst Shewmaker said, “Following your accident with a truck, your first interaction will likely be with the driver of the commercial vehicle. Your emotion might be running high immediately after the accident. Now is not the time to establish fault or blame. After calling 911, a police officer will arrive on the scene. The police officers’ job is to collect information. Your job is to provide them with the facts.”

On the personal injury cases handled by the law firm, Horst said, “When someone is harmed through the negligent or wrongful acts of another, Horst Shewmaker is there to help. Our personal injury lawyers handle all types of catastrophic injury, wrongful death, and motor vehicle accident cases for clients throughout the state of Georgia.

“Personal injury law” is a broad umbrella term that covers a wide number of case types. It is important when selecting a personal injury attorney to choose one with proven experience in cases like yours. Our lawyers have over 30 years of combined experience in all forms of personal injury law. Let us help you build your case as effectively as possible, so you receive the compensation you deserve.”

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