Olivia Molina Created an Amazing System to Grow Social Media Organically, “The Perfect Giveaway Plan”


We all know Olivia, famous Disney Channel actress and entrepreneur from Argentina. She recently founded a new company in Portugal “Olivia Molina PR Agency”, they do press release, brand positioning, social media marketing and more. Olivia was thinking of a way to grow her company Instagram profiles very fast and with real followers, she knew that giveaways are an excellent way of doing that, but her own experience with giveaways was not good.


Knowing all these details Olivia needed to create “The Perfect Giveaway of All Times”, after giving it a lot of thought and evaluating the cons and pros of the giveaways she finally came with an idea.

Olivia contacted as many verified influencers as she could with her company and hired them for a giveaway, she made sure that all of them had verified accounts, from all around the world, that never did a giveaway before. She also checked the ages of the influencers’ followers and their genders. Her plan it’s to make one giveaway but with many influencers as possible, so people could get the chance to have a variety of followers from all over the world, with an age more than 17 years old, variety of females and males and all active accounts. Olivia Molina PR Agency says that the giveaway it’s gonna be out one time a day by a different influencer, in that way they can also check the real engagement of all the talents, not only this is perfect, but they also say that they can create a budget for everyone according the amount of followers people want instead of just setting a fixed price for all the giveaway and God knows how many followers people can get.

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