Sustainable Invest is a Financial News Portal Dedicated to Providing Objective and Independent Research, Analysis About Sustainable Investment

Sustainable Invest is a Financial News Portal Dedicated to Providing Objective and Independent Research, Analysis About Sustainable Investment

New York, NY Sustainable Invest is a financial news portal dedicated to providing objective and independent research, analysis, and knowledge on the implementation of sustainable investment. This online resource is operated by Henry Shilling and Steve Schoepke, two experts who combine over 80 years of experience in the investment management industry. 

Henry Shilling is a former Moody’s executive who initiated and coordinated Moody’s efforts to disclose and add transparency in research, ratings, and analysis to the reflection of ESG risks. He has written many articles on the topic of sustainable investment, offering his readers a clear vision of the different aspects of sustainable investments. On his side, Mr. Steve Schoepke brings a wealth of experience in the mutual fund industry, and in his background has focused on investment management oversight and due diligence, including manager selection and portfolio analysis. He has also been responsible for mutual fund product development and distribution strategy.

“We draw upon decades of experience covering the investment management industry, strong analytical skills, as well as research capabilities of our authors. These are combined with a dedicated focus on sustainable investing to deliver objective and independent conclusions, original opinions, and actionable insights that are made available on a continuing basis.” Said the spokesperson for Sustainable Invest, regarding their unrivaled experience in the industry.  

While the site contains a large number of articles that can be accessed at no cost, most savvy investors prefer to have permanent access to the entire library of sustainable investing articles through a premium version, which can be acquired through their monthly (Pay-As-You-Go) no-subscription plan or through their annual subscription that allows their subscribers to save 60% compared to the monthly plan. Also, unlike other subscriptions that request credit card information for a free trial period, your 30-day free trial period does not require any credit card information to take effect.

Sustainable Invest’s research often targets investment management firms, banks, insurance companies, and their portfolio managers, research analysts, ESG analysts, strategists, marketing staff and product development specialists, asset owners, foundations and pension funds, as well as other professionals who have an interest in sustainable investment as seen through mutual funds, and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and other investment vehicles.  

Sustainable Invest offers comprehensive, thorough reports and analysis for multiple funds, including Vanguard, Calvert Impact Capital, Alliance Bernstein, TIAA, Direxion, Black Rock, Aberdeen, iShares, among others. Their research is published on a regular and ongoing basis; however, their subscribers receive weekly and monthly research reports about investment strategies, methodology, cash flows, performance, among other topics of interest, all of them exclusively available for pro subscribers. Thanks to the professionalism of their expert authors, Sustainable Invest has become the trusted resource of more than 7,000 investors who choose them to curate their portfolios. 

Sustainable Invest is headquartered at 14 Murray St., New York, NY 10007, US. Contact them via email at For more information about their investment research, visit their website. 

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