Mastermind Comics Pioneers Indigenous Manga and Anime Comic Art

July 27, 2020 – Mastermind Comics is spearheading a new movement in the manga and anime comic tradition. A media and entertainment company and the creator of several popular manga novel series, Mastermind Comics is using this globally popular Japanese comic art form to serve indigenous communities and impact people’s lives.

The Japanese comic art Manga and Anime are amongst the largest read comic books selling in millions. The manga book series or graphic novels are today more popular, and the attraction of elements like visual onomatopoeia remains strong. For Mastermind Comics, manga serves a bigger cause than mere entertainment – to inspire and impact the lives of its indigenous Black readers.

We want our mangas to impact your life for generations to come!” says a spokesperson for Mastermind Comics.

The best illustration of this mission comes from the manga series, “Afroseeds”. The story revolves around Amenhotep, a boy who has lost everything, and goes on to meet a man named Maut who shows him how to harness the power of the ‘Afroseed’ embedded in his forearm. Afroseeds also has a new and original soundtrack too. 

Mastermind Comics defines itself as an Indigenous media company & publisher that publishes Manga and Graphic Novels and other media for entertainment and education purposes. Also produced are music and soundtracks, reviews and other related activities like Manga Monday Review, Mastermind Comics Con Edition and Artist Motivation Show.

Another manga comic is “Beast”, set in the year 2198 in a solar system rife with corruption and greedy private planetary corporations. In the manga “Avathae”, readers are taken into a search for a cure to prevent the deadly Violet Decay from spreading in Asylaith. For Black readers, another exciting story is that of “Black Knight”, an Afro Action fantasy and adventure about Akone Daniel, a teenager who comes across mysterious events and realized that the local myths are true and that he possesses a power called the Kibai.

At the official Mastermind Comics sites, Free manga and art downloads are available for several creative works and previews, like the Afroseeds chapter previews. The blog section is regularly updated and a must visit for interesting news and opinions. 

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