Stephanie’s Journey from a 9-5 Project Manager to Digital Entrepreneur

Digital Business Strategist and mother of two pre-schoolers Stephanie Pye went from a Project Manager to an Entrepreneur, and now teaches women how to do the same.

When Stephanie was pregnant with her child, she knew she didn’t want the lifestyle that came with full time work. She knew the power of social media and wanted to crack the code in the digital space. It all changed for her when a wise man (and her mentor) said to her, ‘When it’s all said and done, and you’re standing up to the higher power, depending on your beliefs, and it’s said to you, I gave you this much, and you only took this much, how would that make you feel”.

The question was then asked, “If you get real right now, what percentage of your potential are you actually living?” These questions to her were a like a hot knife in the chest. It hurt, Stephanie knew she had more to give, to herself, her family and to the world than what she was currently doing.

This was a game changer for her, she got clear on her vision and her why. What she will achieve for herself in her business and in her life, for everyone this is different. Stephanie reverse engineered her vision and she now teaches women in business it is possible to have it all. A business, a family, everything that is important to them. Stephanie helps women in business find clarity, direction, balance and monetise social media the easy way.

Steph shares three simple steps that helped her achieve her goals and can help you achieve success.

1. Leverage experts with proven results.

You are average of 5 people you surround with. Learning from experts can help jumpstart your path and guide your results by understanding the genius and mistakes made by experienced people in the field.

2. Gain Clarity.

Gain clarity on what you need first so the foundation is strong, and you can build on it.

3. Provide massive value upfront.

Use what you have created to help others achieve their dreams too. This is quickly becoming the modern way of paying-it-forward in our fast-paced digital world.  Build a real relationship with your audience. You can add value upfront by providing free trainings, podcasts, and online courses.

Steph Pye is now helping women in business all over the world by helping them gain clarity, direction and balance in their business. She also teaches them how to get more from their time, build and monetise their brand online.



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