Launch of the audiobook for best selling Ready, Set, Growth Hack

Launch of the audiobook for best selling Ready, Set, Growth Hack

Nader Sabry is a strategist, innovator, and entrepreneur in NASA space tech, government, and health/wellness. Has raised $20m directly /+$100m indirectly for startups and is a bestselling author of “Ready Set growth Hack: A beginners guide to growth hacking success” which is a growth blueprint for organizations to achieve 10x growth. 

Ready Set Growth Hack audiobook launch on and Amazon

Bestselling Ready Set growth Hack: A beginner’s guide to growth hacking success is now in audio after much demand for readers wanting an audio version. This blueprint, better known as the growth code, is a step-by-step approach developed over the past 25 years.

Sabry has raised $120 Million, helping startups, start, scale, and exit. As an entrepreneur, a consultant, and even a policy-maker, he saw every possible perspective one can encounter. After he sold his last company in 2017, he pondered over some essential questions: 

  1. Why do some organizations grow and not others,
  2. Why do some organizations do not grow at all,
  3. Why do some organizations start growing, then stop, and
  4. Why do some organizations don’t start growing but do later 

Then he went deep into his vault of experiences and knowledge, 25+ startups, 115+ clients, and four significant governments of learning, and his next significant creation came about — a blueprint designed to help others repeat that success, a blueprint known as the growth code.

Hacking growth 

When we first hear the word “HACK,” we are thrown off… we all assume “HACKING” is terrible, but it isn’t. A hack is a shortcut, whether for growth, a bio-hack, or even a life-hack.

Growth hacking is essentially a shortcut to growth. This shortcut is a transition point between taking four units of effort to get one unit of results, taking one unit of effort, and getting four units of results. This is the disproportionate outcome that leads to massive growth.  

It is a rapidly emerging discipline that brings technology, marketing, and business to a meeting point where they all agree to serve towards growth. It’s a new corporate superpower, but it is enjoyed by the elite startups of Silicon Valley but by corporations, governments, secret societies, and even organized crime groups. 

Getting 10x results and its realities

We all know and hear about 10x growth, but what is it? The blueprint is Ready Set Growth Hack answers precisely that, the “how to…” This approach gives you the step-by-step approach based on the growth cycle, a 3 step process that finds the growth problem, tackles that problem with a growth hack, and scales it into full-scale operations. 

Growth in the context of a post-COVID19 economy

The reality is in the post-COVID-19 economy; we will be facing an even massive growth dilemma. With fewer resources, more uncertainty, and only more competition, growth becomes even more critical. Oddly enough, growth now becomes a center stage, which might sound pretty obvious, but has been neglected due to too many theories, lack of focus and merely enough wiggle room to allow poor performance to continue.

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