Premium Bidet Sprayer Kit created for the whole family, from children to seniors

Make the switch with the many growing users. Purchase your Premium Bidet Sprayer Kit by Raw Living Essentials on Amazon now!

July 28, 2020 – Unveiling the Premium Bidet Sprayer Kit by Raw Living Essentials, a quality bidet, or diaper sprayer, for true cleanliness. This is a premium hand held bidet kit created with health in mind to improve the vitality of loved ones.

Using a bidet greatly reduces your environmental impact. Toilet paper is a waste product that ends up in sewers and landfills – the process used to manufacture it is also incredibly wasteful. It takes 473,587,500,000 gallons of water, 253,000 tons of chlorine, and 17.3 terawatts of electricity each year to create the 36.5 million rolls of toilet paper used by Americans. Switching to bidets could save as many as 15 million trees each year in the United States alone!

“This is by far, my favorite purchase I have ever made on Amazon. I spent a lot of time researching bidets and came across this kit from Raw Living Essentials. It was incredibly simple to install, and the sprayer has a very nice weight to it. You can tell it is a high-quality design that has been built to last. Once you get a bidet, you’ll never want to go without one. I feel I’ve been cheated without one for all these years! It’s the secret no one tells you,” says Marlene W. Gordon.

Raw Living Essentials’ Bidet Sprayer Kit is the strongest, most reliable hand held bidet sprayer kit on the market and has been made to last! It is built from high grade 304 stainless steel for maximum durability and corrosion resistance, and has been reinforced to withstand maximum pressure and prevent leaks.

The Premium Bidet Sprayer Kit by Raw Living Essentials is a multipurpose product for every household task – not only can this bidet be used for bathroom care, but it is also the most convenient baby cloth diaper sprayer available and makes daily home cleaning effortless! Switch between a gentle or deep cleaning spray using the dual pressure modes. Use for pet bathing, washing your toilet, bath, shower, and much more!

The hand held bidet by Raw Living Essentials is not only for optimal bathroom care, but for every cleaning task that one can imagine! From washing cloth diapers, cleaning garbage cans, spraying off dishes, cleaning bathrooms, and even bathing the family pet. This bidet can make nearly every household task a lot easier and free up more time for the things people love.

Who knew taking your family’s well-being to the next level would be so simple. Make the switch with the many growing users today, and purchase your own on Amazon now! A whole new world of cleanliness awaits you!

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