New $3 Product Reduces Smoking $50/mo, Reduces Chances of Lung Cancer and Heart Failure, Hides Cigarettes from Children, and Creates New Positive Advertising space.

With more than 25 years of research into quitting smoking and the effects of cigarette packaging on children and the average smoker, Original Thought Inc. has released a product called The Sleeve, a protective, waterproof, reusable, printed polymer slip-on cover for cigarette packages.

April 25, 2013 , Original Thought Inc. has discovered that by covering a cigarette package with unrelated artwork, ads or photos, thus eliminating any reference to cigarettes, a smoker will on average smoke 20% less, which works out to about $50 per month for a pack a day smoker. OT Inc calls it “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” technology. They claim that The Sleeve works so well, that they give it a full 100% money back guarantee if it doesn’t pay for itself in the first week of use.

Studies show that heart attack survivors that reduce by just five cigarettes a day, decreases their chance of death by 18%, reducing can cut the chance of lung cancer by up to 27%. and reducing is quite often the first step to quit smoking.

OT Inc. claims, that their products most important job is hiding cigarette advertising from children. This point is so important that the US Government makes it a priority in the tobacco act and the Government of Canada has made it law to hide all cigarette advertising from the sight of children at the point of purchase.

OT Inc says that if cigarette advertising is that harmful to children at the point of purchase just imagine the harm of seeing it at home every day. It is for this reason that OT Inc claims that The Sleeve is the most important anti smoking product available today. A non-invasive tool that eliminates cigarette advertising, reduces smoking, protects children, and helps save lives.

OT Inc states that there is nothing more important than the future health and well being of our children, and it is all of our jobs to make sure that cigarette advertising is eliminated from their view, especially at home, it’s easy to do and it pays in both money and health.

The cigarette package is the most vial piece of advertising there is, because it invades our homes and our lives all the while advertising cigarettes. So why not turn it into something positive.

OT Inc. says their mission is to eliminate cigarette advertising by replacing it with everyday advertising.that, along with the package goes everywhere, is pulled out 20 times a day (usually in a social situation), lasts months, puts money in the users pocket, helps their health, protects children and best of all advertises something useful. Advertising that helps people.

Original Thought Inc. is a manufacturer and looking to partner with any companies that can aid in overseas or domestic distribution of The Sleeve. There is 100 million smokers in North America and 1.5 billion world wide, so according to OT Inc. there is a big job to do.

Company Name: Original Thought Incorporated
Contact Person: Sean Ahearn
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Phone: 705 649 5858
Country: United States