It seems rather odd that Dejuan Lucian became famous from rather unfortunate event; he received a million hits on youtube within a short time when he was admitted in the hospital. This is a feat that very few artist or any video on you tube has managed to achieve. This just shows how internet power can propel one from being just an underground artist to become one of the most sought out in the market.

Far Rockaway, NY – Asking anybody out there about Dejuan, one will tell you that he or she had only known this artist but has not given much thought but having watched the youtube video, this suddenly changed. There are those who had known him before as an established artist who had several public performances as well as albums to his name, but with the video they even took him more seriously.


As a strategy to make him known far and wide, the artist had aired an advertisement on MTV where it recorded great success. He felt this was not enough, so he looked for an effective way through which he can reach even those who do not have access to MTV. You tube was the best platform through which he can achieve this. He uploaded it on you tube but it did not do well as he had expected. Then this misfortune happened, which has changed his life forever. After his admission in the hospital and getting only a ten minutes computer access, he noticed that the video was getting more and more views, something which he did not expect while at this situation. He was admitted the video views had shot to a million views in the time period of almost two weeks. This was rather extra ordinary, without any kind of promotion or marketing, the video had reached the levels which any artist out there would only dream of. Perhaps this turn of event helped him to earn an early release from the hospital as the doctors noted his positive and encouraging behaviour. Lucian observes that that having more than fifty thousand twitter followers, more than ten thousand likes on Facebook and close to five million views in his MySpace page was all that he had achieved in the internet but with this development he was able to reach many. The future of this artist is very bright if we look into the way people are admiring him.

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Dejaun Lucian is reaching in the list of famous hip hop artist of Far Rockaway, NY. Along with his numerous released works there is his latest album, ‘I Am Da One’ getting famous recently.

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