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TheDailyPR  delivers your story onto Google News and other major news and social media sites. We also distribute your news release to more than 1M+ subscribers and as many as 100,000 bloggers and 10′s of 1000′s of  journalists and all over the social media scene.

Be Found More Easily                is the most complete solution for your business to not only create and deliver world wide leading press releases, but for the first time we’ve given you the  ability to use our PLATFORM as your own internal platform for all your employees. Easily allow your employees access to create  beautifully created press releases for their own prospecting or marketing purposes and much much more.  Besides text you can include, videos, audio, links and more which will make it easier for prospects and customers to find and identify your business online.

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One of the worlds most news and socialy connected release services on the planet , TheDailyPR  reaches out  getting your name in more faces, places and  customers to your business.


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Forget the seven wonders of the world, The internet is the worlds greatest wonder and contains the greatest shopping mall ever dreamt of, does your business have it’s doors open to the web? The Daily PR creates that door for you in every corner of the internet. TheDailyPR  distributes your press release to billions and billions of connected people and millions of millions of connected businesses searching online for products and services not unlike your own.


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TheDailyPR does more than press releases and does more than help your website to gain visibility in search results, it can unchain your business from content distribution. No longer will you have to rely on a 3rd party to distribute your press releases. 


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Finally You Are in Charge! TheDailyPR gives you the flexibility of content distribution like no other service on the internet. Corporate Multi-tiered access and reports for your managers and sales reps, no, probelm, single user accounts, no big deal, entire platform white labeled, YOU GOT IT!

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