Direct Marketing Expert Mike G Makes it Big on the Internet Too

Direct marketing expert, Michael Glaspie, also known as “Mike G”, rules the online world too with websites going viral even in highly competitive niches.

Michael Glaspie has hit the headlines again with the hugely successful, an unique free program that enables both online and brick-and-mortar entrepreneurs to tap the booming online marketing business and make profits. He is also the creator of Spam Terminator, a desktop utility that can be downloaded to block spam.

He transformed his ‘built-from-scratch’ telecommunications company to an $18 million+ per annum success story. 

Glaspie’s direct marketing career has spanned two decades and includes the authorship of four books and three home study courses. It also includes over 50 hours of high-value audio cassette instructional material and 20-plus hours of live ‘marketing through technology’ boot camp video recordings. His extremely successful newsletter titled ‘Secrets to Direct Marketing Success’ details some brilliant and pioneering direct marketing techniques.

Michael T Glaspie’s first online venture was Webnet International, which ranks among the largest-privately held internet service companies of the country today. Webnet develops seven page websites, developmental work of websites, web hosting, ISP accounts, and free interactive e-mail services. It provides the base for developing web advertising through different Internet companies.

Michael Glaspie is a prolific writer and has authored many books and home study courses, including ‘Hot Wires: Secrets of the 900 Number Industry: A Comprehensive Guide’, Unleash the Entrepreneur Within, Profits Online, the Ultimate Money Machine, Net Marketing 2005, and 1-900-Opportunity.

Michael Glaspie’s transition to Mike G on the internet is a stunning success story. He debuted early on the internet in 1997 and has had a hand in numerous highly successful business launches, helping hundreds of others along the way to make spectacular profits. The long list of domains owned or launched by Mike G includes,,,,,,, and many more.

Mike G has a whopping 60 plus websites and order forms on the Internet. His personal email boasts of a huge database of around 500,000 members, customers, and subscribers. The list is growing at an incredible rate of 3,000 to 5,000 new entrants every single week. His incomparable success is reflected in the fact that Mike G is the only online entrepreneur, who has more than 10,000 paying members in a monthly paying program. This is unprecedented on the web and has no peers.


About Mike G:

Mike G is the chairman and founder of one of the nation’s largest, privately-held service companies. Industry observers say the amazing online success that Mike G enjoys is primarily because of the fact that he knows how to leverage the internet better than most others. He now has an active interconnected audience of more than 250 million people and counting. His passion for internet business, despite his long innings and unparalleled success, continues unabated. Right now one of Mikes passions is helping people build their own list of customers virally through

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