Mike G Has a Priceless Gift for You that Promises Pure Gold Content

Online marketing whiz kid Michael Glaspie offers free digital CDs that promise to open the door to riches.

Internet marketing genius, Michael Glaspie recently announced a new online money-making opportunity to online marketers with his, ‘I Have a Gift for You’ tool. It comes in the form of a digital CD that shows you how to view the internet through the lens of profitability and harness its unlimited power to make quick, real money. Mike, whom net marketers call their secret weapon, is offering this pure gold content with no strings attached and without your having to buy anything.

“This CD is not about some unique trick or strategy or concept,” says Michael Glaspie while providing a sneak preview of his latest net marketing offer. “It’s all about how to think about the internet, how to think about what you sell on the internet, and how to best position yourself to be successful selling whatever it is you want to sell on the net. You’ll want to follow along and take notes as I reveal my P.I.R.T. formula for guaranteed success on the net.”

There’s more on offer for the dedicated followers of this much-acclaimed and adored online marketing guru. His company is giving away a brand new, state-of-the-art Dell notebook which comes with loads of RAM, huge hard disk drive, and a high-speed DVD player/recorder to a lucky marketer who downloads and listens to the free CD gift. These are given away on the first and third Tuesday every month. Mike G, the online moniker for Michael, says this is his way of acknowledging his truly dedicated followers.

According to Mike G, the CDs can help marketers in two ways. They have all the information that the marketers need to know regarding how and where to find exciting and guaranteed money-making opportunities on the web. Additionally, it helps them access Mike’s own secret formula for continual and long term success, not only in business but also in life. Interestingly, neither do the CDs have any sales pitch nor do they force people to buy, unlike almost every other affiliate program available online.

Michael Glaspie has been harnessing the power of the internet right from its inception to make millions of dollars for himself and others. Since 1999, the online marketing whiz has literally helped hundreds of thousands of people claim their rightful share of the millions. These are made, not by marketing experts and professionals but by average people working part time online.

Michael Glaspie says he is committed to creating 100 new millionaires in 2013. His ICANetwork webinar series is aimed at helping him achieve this challenging task. Mike claims to have totally changed and refocused his wide range of business interests to fully exploit and take advantage of everything that’s happening in the world of internet marketing at present. Those attending the webinar will also receive a $50 advertising package which includes posting of their advertisements on a whopping 10,000 sites.

The details and subscription form for ‘I Have a Gift for You’ is available on most Mike G owned websites.


About Michael Glaspie:

Michael Glaspie is Chairman and Founder of one of the largest privately held internet service companies. He started Webnet International as the founding organization for the development of independent, yet synergistic, Internet companies covering a veritable gamut of advertising resources commonly used for effective, targeted web advertising. Right now one of Mikes passions is helping people build their own list of customers virally thru www.QRSitePartner.com/r/wiki

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