Mike G’s ICANetwork Breaks New Ground in Network Marketing

Internet marketing pioneer Michael Glaspie introduces new techniques to online marketers for guaranteed success in network marketing ventures.

ICANetwork, the brainchild of internet marketing trailblazer Michael Glaspie, is offering revolutionary new ways to achieve success in online marketing ventures to marketers. ICAN, or Internet Customer Acquisition Network, was founded by Michael Glaspie and Tom Wilkes to help online businesses crack the code of successful internet marketing. The US based company is presently being positioned to go public a few years from now.

“Over the past several months I have totally changed and refocused our business interests and I have done this for only one reason – to fully exploit and take advantage of everything that’s happening in the world of internet marketing,” says Michael Glaspie while providing more information on his path-breaking online marketing tools. “You will also learn about our amazing free viral marketing program. Nothing like it exists anywhere. I’ll show you how it will work for you. We are good at this tech stuff.”

According to online marketing experts, Michael Glaspie, or Mike G as he is commonly known, was one of the first in the industry to understand that consumers’ response to traditional marketing is on the wane. He realized that they were searching for businesses online. 

When Apple introduced the iPhone, Michael was among the first to quickly realize that the ways of online business were about to dramatically change. The wheels were set moving to come up with a way for businesses to take advantage of this paradigm marketing shift. And when the waves of changes did come, Mike G was ready to leverage its immense potential and make profits for himself and for those who believed in his path-breaking concepts and pioneering ideas.

The ICANetwork webinar series has a large following. The hugely popular sessions have helped many people find compelling solutions to their online marketing problems and made their ventures profitable.

Mobile Websites and Mobile Apps were frightfully expensive when they were first introduced. Mike G has helped small and medium online marketers take advantage of the immense potential of this medium. His brilliant all-inclusive easy and affordable solutions are a huge game changer in the online marketing business.  The ICANetwork is both a service and a product, wrapped into one tidy package.

Online marketing experts acknowledge that The Internet Customer Acquisition Network is quite a revolutionary concept in the online marketing arena. ICANetwork has created a new standard in advertising by merging affordable pricing with the latest technology.  The advantages that subscribers can enjoy in terms of pricing, service, and technology are unparalleled.

As a free service to their customers, Mike G’s ICANetwork is offering some unique QR codes that work on all mobile devices. Programmers are working on a Facebook Management Program and a Customer Loyalty Program that can be added to the phone app.

Members who sign up for this service can expect a major change in their business fortunes which can help them earn a steady income through their online venture.

About Michael Glaspie:

Michael T. Glaspie is Chairman and Founder of one of the largest privately held internet service companies. He started Webnet International as the founding organization for the development of independent, yet synergistic, Internet companies covering an entire gamut of advertising resources commonly used for effective, targeted web advertising. Right now one of Mikes passions is helping people build their own list of customers virally thru www.QRSitePartner.com/r/wiki

For more information, visit http://theicanetwork.com/webinar/

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