SafeTech Alarm System Becomes an Authorized Dealer of Products and Services

Toronto security company SafeTech has become an authorized Toronto dealer of security products. This deal will provide SafeTech customers with a greater ability to use their mobile phones to monitor and automate their homes.

SafeTech Alarm Systems ( has announced a deal with that will see the company become an authorized Toronto dealer of security products. These products include a wide variety of security and automation solutions for both homes and businesses.

SafeTech, one of the fastest growing home and business security companies in Ontario, will begin selling interactive security, video monitoring, energy management and home automation tools from to both new and existing clients. The security products will provide SafeTech clients with a greater ability to access and control their home and business systems by using a variety of easy-to-use mobile apps.’s suite of services allows for remote monitoring and control of a home or business. Customers are able to receive image alerts or text messages for a variety of events and are given the ability to react to those events as needed. For example, a message can be sent to a mobile phone to alert a client that his or her children have arrived home from school. This provides a level of peace of mind that cannot be matched by other security tools. These tools also let clients monitor and arm their homes or businesses with ease from just about anywhere with an Internet connection.

Another application of the service allows users to receive alerts if they forget to lock their doors or to set their alarm before leaving home. Not only does the application alert users of the condition, but it also allows them to lock up or arm their system immediately, by simply using a mobile phone.

SafeTech will also be offering tools that let customers set lights and thermostats to automatically adjust when a user arrives at home as well as a suite of tools that make it possible schedule and automate lights and thermostats based on the user’s activity patterns. These tools make it easy for users to reduce energy use, lower expenses and have a smaller environmental impact.

Founded in 2000, focuses on offering a suite of home and business security tools, video monitoring technology, energy management and home automation services. The company currently monitors more than 1 million properties and more than 20 million individual sensors in homes and businesses across Canada and the United States.

SafeTech Alarm Systems has been installing home and business security systems for more than 20 years. The company offers a variety of security tools, from alarm systems and security bars to surveillance cameras, access control systems and alarm system monitoring services. SafeTech can be reached online at

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Phone: +1 (416) 229-99
Address:121 Willowdale Ave. Suite 202
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