Distance Learning Releases New Infograph Filled with Power-Packed Facts on Solar Power

Solar Energy: Power-Packed Facts
Solar power is the conversion from sunlight to electricity, or energy that comes from the sun.

Distance Learning has recently published a new infographic on solar power and the benefits it provides to the environment by saving energy in replace of burning coal. Radiant light and heat from the sun have been harnessed by humans since the ancient times through ever-evolving methodologies.

Ways in which solar energy can be used includes solar heating, solar photovoltaics, or solar thermal energy and solar architecture. These methods can make considerable contributions to solving some of the world’s most pressing and urgent problems the world faces at the current time.

Unfortunately, we only use .01 percent of the sun’s energy to supply the electricity and power we need. That’s why Distance Learning found it important to raise awareness about the subject, in hopes that more people would become educated and ignite a passion for solar energy.

Despite the advances in solar power technology, it still costs around five times more to produce solar energy than regular electricity, as dirty coal and gas are much cheaper alternatives, no matter how harmful they are to the environment.

However, the increase in solar power technologies will hopefully decrease the price of solar energy over time.

Jobs are expected to increase through solar power, as well. Through research, development, manufacturing and installation, each new solar energy company helps create 200 to 400 more jobs for citizens.

If you’re interested in a career in solar energy, visit Distance Learning to find an online or campus college that can provide you with knowledge and training you need to help save and protect the environment through solar power energy.

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