New Infograph by Distance Learning Raises Awareness for By Catching

The Bycatch Concern
A growing problem with fishing nets is by catching, the unintentional and accidental catch of dolphins, whales, sharks and other aquatic animals.

Many fisherman catch other fish than the ones they target. This is called “bycatch”, and in many cases these fish are simply thrown dead or dying back into the waters. According to the World Wildlife Fund, the single biggest threat facing cetaceans worldwide is death as bycatch in fishing gear.

As it is, it comes as no surprise why Distance Learning would want to raise awareness for these aquatic animals and published a new infographic about the bycatch concern. The website provides resources and information on education to students and teachers looking to get their high school diplomas, online degrees and other educational materials.

Fishing gear that poses the biggest problems for aquatic animals are gillnets, set nets, trammel nets, seines, trawling nets and longlines. More than 85 percent of the world’s fisheries have been pushed beyond their biological limits.

Each year, more whales, dolphins, and porpoises die from entanglement than from any other other case in the world. In fact, researchers at Duke University predict that nearly 308,000 deaths from bycatch happen per year, which is nearly 1,000 a day.

In addition, over 1 million sharks and stingrays are caught in nets and other gear each year and then discarded back into the water, injured. Large whales may break free, and some may suffer life-long debilitations, but others end up washed on shores.

Prevention is on a global level, and the first thing Distance Learning believes you can do is to get a degree in an environmental subject, to find yourself in a career that helps the wildlife. For more information on bycatch or to look into related college degrees, visit the website.

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