Auto Insurance Ape Releases Infographic Gives Tips to Lower Cost

Auto Insurance: 6 Tips to Save
Common-sense ways to cut prices on insurance can save consumers a bundle

Car insurance can be a minefield for new buyers or those switching their insurance, which is why Auto Insurance Ape released an infographic covering the tips that will be sure to help anyone save on insurance.

Especially in states like New Jersey, D.C., Louisiana, and New York, lowering overall rates is important. But even for those who live in the Dakotas or Iowa, saving a few bucks a month on car insurance is just as satisfying.

The first and most important aspect, according to Auto Insurance Ape is to attempt and put all insurance in one place. By keeping all the insurance under one roof, and thus holding more policies under a single provider, one can also save on the overall cost by creating a bundle deal.

The second great way to save is by using low-risk and low-profile vehicles. That means having cars that are safer and less flashy. The cars that stand out to spectators also stand out to thieves and police on the highway.

And while some may scoff at the idea, even researching what colors get the best rates is important. While it may seem silly, it actually does play a part in pricing.

Researching one’s own credit is another useful way to avoid higher prices. By knowing one’s own credit history, you can make the changes necessary to remove dings on your credit. This will improve one’s score, which will ultimately improve your price.

Finally, always remembering to shop around, and saving a chunk of cash by paying in full are the most important quick ways to save. Auto Insurance Ape allows for just that, as consumers can see multiple companies prices up-front and side-by-side. Different companies will give you different prices, and paying in a lump sum to start will save a nice wad of cash.

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