SEO Study Shows Backlinking Eclipsing Key-Word Creation

Social media support still key to all search-result success

Moz, the SEO insiders, released their yearly study charting out the Ranking Factors for the 2013 year thus far.

Backlinks are rising, while domain keywords are simply losing ground. The Page Authority model within the Mozscape index addressed ranking ability based upon linking. The links created the factor that most strongly correlated to the Google ranks, according to Moz.

When a comparison was created between the exact and partial match domains, Moz found that Google still had the best ranking guideline adjustment. The study analysts speculated that Google may well be removing its lower-quality match domains. That would result in higher averages.

Meanwhile, the role of keywords has decreased over the last year in terms of ranking data. Keywords are losing all relevance, with difficult keyword optimization no longer being the holy-grail of SEO work.

Quality is still not to be overlooked when it comes to backlinking, however. Quality backlink creation beats out pure volume backlinking.

Moz also stated that brands seems to hold a position of general privilege. Anchor text continues to provide vital correlation with search rankings that end up higher on the list. Moz noted that the correlation occurs despite Penguin updates. Google has been seeking a way to cut back on the over-optimized anchor text, but the factor still remains high for both partially anchored and exact match anchor text.

Maz noted social signals remain essentially as well. Google +1s and Facebook shares or “likes” are important to all web searches according to the company. Both were significantly correlated with Google rankings. Social signals are generally considered to be the strongest position correlating factor for SEO dimensions, according to the Moz study.

The social-media correlation should be no surprise, as it has been important for some time. However, with the shifting of backlinking into the foreground, some may have considered social media to also be shifting. It is not, and still remains important to all top-ranking search correlations.


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