Social Signals and SEO Work Together for Good Positioning in Google

A recent study conducted by searchmetrics uncovers the most relevant factors in search rankings in 2013.

Search Engine Optimization, known popularly as SEO, is the process of increasing site visibility across the internet. Several factors play a role in search engine optimization and ranking, including both onsite and offsite efforts.

SEO has become a necessity for websites and online businesses to get exposed on to search engines. Google especially is constantly creating new paradigms to give internet users what they’re looking for in the least amount of time possible. Within the last few years, the integrations of Penguin and Panda I and II has made it increasingly harder for websites to get into the top search results.

Well positioned eCommerce sites not only average more in sales, but they’ve become the authority in their niche space. In fact, 33 percent of traffic goes to the top listing of a search result. From there, only 18 percent of traffic goes to the second positions, and it decreases significantly from there.

Backlinks still remain incredibly important when it comes to search rankings and are important in a website’s content. However, a new study uncovered a direct correlation between social signals and SEO. This means that proof of social presence, such as on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, is essential when it comes to search engine optimization. The more likes, comments, and tweets an owner has on a website, the more powerful the SEO becomes.


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